Elephant Hermes Wireless Keyboard Review

Elephant Hermes Wireless Keyboard Review

Category: Wireless Keyboard
Price: P695
Bought from: DataBlitz (SM Marikina Branch)

Thinking about it, I haven’t introduced you to my trusty keyboard yet, have I? Then let us dilly-dally no further: meet the Elephant Hermes Wireless Keyboard! This Japan-made keyboard has been with me for almost two years already, and is still functioning as if it was still brand new- granted that I was keen on always having it covered with a silicon layer as well as having it cleaned on a monthly basis. But yes, it’s pretty awesome.

Elephant Hermes Wireless Keyboard Review

Elephant Wireless Keyboard

Added features? Not so much and it’s definitely not mechanical (sorry, gamers) but it does pretty well on what it’s built to do. For a P695 keyboard, it has a pretty solid and heavy build. Its sleek black design and rounded keys are also a plus. Its response time to being wireless is also fast, no lag just like a wired keyboard. By the way, it runs on two AAA batteries and I replace them once every two months.

Here are some neat perks to take note of:

  • Suspended key caps
  • Keys last up to 5,000,000 strokes
  • Low noise keys
  • Low reflection
  • Utilizes 2.4G wireless technology
  • Minimal battery drain
  • Elephant Wireless Keyboard

Elephant Hermes Wireless Keyboard Review

Why a wireless keyboard? Well, my desk is a bit weird. Imagine a long table where my CPU is on the left-most part, and my monitors on the right. Having wires travel the entirety of the table will be a pain in the eyes. I’d just like to keep my desk neat and clean, thank you.

Personally, the Elephant brand has the best wireless keyboards and mice below the 1,500 peso mark. I’ve tried others, even the popular ones, and they just don’t cut it. Their quality is sub-par compared to Elephant. But if we’ll be talking about the premium peripherals that cost 3,000 and above, that’d be a different story.

Elephant Hermes Wireless Keyboard Review

Elephant Hermes Wireless Keyboard ReviewElephant Hermes Wireless Keyboard Review

While I don’t game much on the PC, there is one I play that require utmost precision when using the mouse and keyboard: Final Fantasy XIV. The Extreme and Savage end-game raids there are very unforgiving- one mistake on a raid boss can kill your entire party of eight, making you repeat the harsh 12-minute fight from the start. That said, I was able to clear the latest Savage raids with this baby so its quality and performance would speak for itself.

Elephant has different varieties of keyboards and mice with different designs and functionalities. You can check them out at most Datablitz stores in the Philippines. I actually went ahead and bought the metal-plated version of this just a few days ago so expect to get a review on that soon!

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