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It's a no brainer for most- I've been playing Final Fantasy XIV for over six years now, and despite that long ass period, it just keeps getting better- the lore, story progression, graphics, gameplay, the music- they all just make this awesome gaming experience. FFXIV is in its third expansion now, and I want to share the great music it has by compiling it into the playlist below. Whether you're an FFXIV player or someone just curious about the game's music, I hope you enjoy it!

To view the entire playlist, click the bars on the top-right corner of the video to select your song. Note that these are not the official song names (save for a couple), and that they are not of the highest quality. You can also click the individual links listed below. That said, be sure to buy the official release if you like it so much!

Note: I'll be adding more as they come out. Subscribe to my channel for the latest!

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Patch 5.5: Death Unto Dawn

#90 Red Girl - YorHa Dark Apocalypse
#89 Red Girl (8-Bit) - YorHa Dark Apocalypse
#88 Her Inflorescence - YorHa Dark Apocalypse
#87 Knave of Hearts - YorHa Dark Apocalypse
#86 The Diamond Weapon: The Cloud Deck

Patch 5.3: Reflections in Crystal

#94 Gangos

Patch 5.2: Echoes of a Fallen Star

Patch 5.1: Vows of Virtue, Deeds of Cruelty

#52 YorHa Dark Apocalypse - Meeting 2P

5.0 Shadowbringers

#42 Amaurot

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  1. Where's Sephirot's theme? It's not in the list.

    1. It's listed in the lyric videos: