Final Fantasy VIII Trivia: Removed Content

Thanks to social media and the generous people who took the effort in sharing such fun and intriguing trivia, we’re able to realize that despite being uber-fans, there are still a lot of things we don’t know about our favorite games. Here are a couple of unused stuff that never made it to the final cut of Final Fantasy VIII!

The first video below is widely known as the “unused opening“. A couple of random clips from the game’s movie sequences have been added, making it, when watched for the first time, a bit awkward and confusing. Not to mention it contains spoilers as well! Good thing this never made it to the game and they were able to make a better one.

Notable points:

  • Added ‘Square Presents’ and ‘Final Fantasy VIII’ text
  • Removed Rinoa’s “If you come here…You’ll find me” text
  • Helicopter sound while hovering over the orphanage’s garden
  • Added Deling City train scenes
  • Added scenes from Galbadia Garden’s missile attack to Balamb
  • Music stops when Squall’s gunblade falls from the sky
  • Added waltz music with bell ringing and clock ticking after gunblade fall
  • Added cutscenes from Siege of Dollet and Edea’s Parade
  • Balamb Garden explodes? Lol
  • Cheap sound effects on gunblade clash

Next up is a video from the “Final Fantasy VIII Preview Disc” that came with FF7. Lot’s of unused stuff here! The most prominent in this one is Rinoa being present already at the Siege of Dollet whereas in the final game, her character is supposed to appear only afterwards. Maybe there was a change in the script in the final version but she was initially set to meet Squall on his final test to become SeeD?

Notable points:

  • At 1:00, a random soldier is using the machine gun to fire at X-ATM092 instead of Quistis
  • Rinoa and Leviathan are present (they shouldn’t be at that point in the game)
  • At 1:55, Rinoa is running towards the boat instead of Selphie

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