Monogatari Series Review

The Monogatari Series is definitely one of the well-rounded, clever and brilliant anime I’ve watched in ages. One of its shows, Bakemonogatari, made up big time for my watching Chaos;Head back then: an anime that really sucked which you never should ever bother watching- but that’s for another post.

Monogatari Series Review

The franchise as a whole encompasses a vibe of Japanese culture mysteries where humans must deal with the occult supernatural, largely making use of profound metaphors, puns and witty wordplay, to face their struggles in life. Although having different titles per series, they all pretty much revolve around the same story- it only depends who the focus is on and when it happened.

Monogatari Series Review

The Monogatari series begins with Bakemonogatari (Bakemono meaning monster, monogatari meaning story) and introduces high school student Koyomi Araragi catching a falling Senjougahara Hitagi who just slipped over a banana peel– and my, how dramatic that was for a simple scenario. Maybe so becuase this is when Araragi noticed that Senjougarhara was absurdly light.

Monogatari Series Review

What had happened made him want to know more about Senjougahara, so he asked their class representative Hanekawa. Figuring it to be an oddity, Araragi decides to pay a visit to Oshino Meme, a middle-aged guy who’s an expert in the field of apparitions. But right after leaving the classroom, he gets assaulted by one other than Senjougahara herself.

Monogatari Series ReviewMonogatari Series Review

She threatens and orders him not to tell anyone about her unusual weight, and pinches the stapler in his mouth anyway. Despite what happened, Araragi offers a hand and suggests he may be able to help her. It was only until he shows to Senjougahara his unhurt mouth that she was convinced.

Araragi heals quickly due to his being 1/10 of a vampire. Instead of converting to a full-fledged vampire after getting bitten in the prequel story Kizumonogatari, it was also through Oshino’s help that Araragi was able to become pseudo-human again.

Monogatari Series Review

Upon meeting Oshino, they conclude that Senjougahara’s loss of weight is due to a heavy crab, also called weighty crab and heavy stone god in Kyushu folklore. A conversation between Oshino and Senjougahara:

“You didn’t become like this because of whatever, it’s just that your point of view changed.”

“My point of view? What are you trying to say?”

“I’m saying I can’t stand you acting all victimized, young lady.”

Monogatari Series Review

Basically, Senjougahara met a crab and it ‘took her weight away’. It seems meaningless on the surface, but here comes the clever part – weight and feelings are both pronounced as “Omoi“. So what we’re actually talking about are how her feelings are taken away from her. In other words, the heavy stone god appeared to her to shoulder the emotional burden she decided not to carry.

Monogatari Series Review

The problem goes back to her middle school days: due to Senjougahara’s serious illness at the time, her mother joined a cult where her heart could be at ease. Falling deeper into the cult, their mother-daughter relationship plunged and they stopped talking. When she was about to graduate, the mother let a man from the cult try to rape her, but her answer was a spiked shoe to the head. The father decided to leave with Senjougahara and the end-result was a broken family. She thought to herself that if she didn’t resist back then, their family would still be like the old days.

“Those are your feelings (Omoi). No matter how heavy it is, it’s something you need to shoulder.”

Monogatari Series Review

With Araragi and Oshino not able to see it, Senjougahara confronts the heavy crab.

“I don’t see anything.”

“It’s right there!”

“Really, so isn’t there something you need to say?”

“Something I need to say…”

The crab slams Senjougahara into the wall frantically, but Oshino held it down. She eventually swallowed her pride and did what she needed to do: accept her feelings.

Monogatari Series Review

“I’m sorry. And thank you very much. But this is enough. Those are my feelings, my thoughts and my memories. I’ll shoulder them myself. They’re something I can’t lose. So please, please give me back my weight.”

And so the conflict was resolved. Oshino further explained:

“Heavy crabs, in other words heavy stone gods – their name can also be read as feelings and ties of obligation.” So when Senjougahara met the crab, she cut the ties between herself and her mother. It erased her thoughts about her mother as worries. It stopped her from feeling. And her weight was taken away from her. Willingly, she tricked herself.

That would be the summary of the first arc \– so isn’t the show clever or what!? With just watching the first two episodes, I was already taken away and convinced that the rest of the series would be epic. And yeah, it very much is!

The following arcs and series would be about meeting other characters who have encountered oddities and overcoming them, as well as the development of the relationship between Koyomi Araragi and the ultimate tsundere girlfriend Senjougahara Hitagi. They would all be full of life’s lessons presented in metaphors and figures of speech- a good exercise for the mind.

Monogatari Series Review

There would only be one heroine introduced per chapter and their oddities would always have something that resemble them. For example, Senjougahara’s stapler resembles the claw of a crab, Mayoi Hachikuji’s big backpack resembles the shell of a snail, Nadeko’s big hat and baggy jacket resembles the head and skin of a snake, and so forth.

I completely and highly recommend this anime, as everything is just exemplary: awesome blending of 2d and cell-shaded 3d animation that sometimes speak of visual metaphors, smooth and exciting action sequences, awesome music worthy of nostalgia, witty script full of word play, substantial character backgrounds and development, everything! So YES, IT’S A MUST-WATCH.

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