₱199 Unli-Wings Until 3am at Hippers Bar and Resto!

Hippers Bar & Resto
Sumulong Hiway, Antipolo City

Mobile No. 0926 793 1247
Business Hours: Everyday 12nn-3am

Facebook Page

Heads up, my fellow hungry nocturnals of the East!

There's a place in Sumulong Hiway just beside Valley Golf's entrance named Hippers Bar and Resto, and they offer unlimited chicken wings just for ₱199! A lot of unli-wings have been popping out lately, and for me they're one of the better ones.

The promo also comes with unlimited rice, and you can add an additional ₱40 for bottomless iced tea. Sweet.

Unlimited Chicken Wings, Spicy Buffalo, Honey Mustard, Hippers Gravy, Hippers Bar and Resto
Flavors: Spicy Buffalo, Honey Mustard, Hippers Gravy

They're open from 2pm until 3am daily so people who tend to go hungry at midnight can just drop by here and get their foodie fix. And it's not just wings- they've got a whole plethora off dishes to choose from.

You can go here not just to dine, but to drink your heart out as well. They have your usual beer buckets and cocktails, available with your all-time favorite pulutan snacks.

Menu, Hippers Bar and RestoMenu, Drinks, Cocktails, Hippers Bar and Resto

₱199 may sound like a shady deal to others, and I won't blame them. There's a reason for this, after all. The caveat? They use native chicken, similar to the ones we get at our local palengkes. Nothing really wrong with that IMO as long as you use decent breading and cook them properly. And they do.

Unlimited Chicken Wings, Spicy Buffalo, Hot Sriracha, Soy Garlic, Hippers Bar and RestoUnlimited Chicken Wings, Teriyaki, Spicy Buffalo, Hickory BBQ, Hippers Bar and Resto
Flavors: Spicy Buffalo, Hot Sriracha, Soy Garlic | Teriyaki, Spicy Buffalo, Hickory BBQ

Their sauces, in general, are surprisingly okay. It's a hit or miss on some flavors, but overall, they still get the bang for your buck. My personal favorites are the Spicy Buffalo, Soy Garlic and Hippers Gravy. Too bad we weren't able to try the Spiced Cajun as they were out of stock at the time.

Store Restaurant Interior, Hippers Bar and RestoStore Restaurant Front, Hippers Bar and Resto

Their wings are not higher-tier quality, but you really shouldn't expect much from your ₱199. Though yes, for a deal at that price, it's a good one. They're quite brave to offer a promo like that at that price point considering they're also open until 3am. I hope this is really feasible and they stay open in the years to come.

Statistics on our visit there: me and two others had a total of 45 wings, two cups of rice each and a couple of iced tea pitcher refills. I felt so bloated afterwards but there are no regrets! Our bill was a measly ₱717.

Anyway, just head on to Hippers Bar & Resto if you're curious to try it out. Peace!

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