Alphascape v1.0 (Savage) O9S Guide – Final Fantasy XIV

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For today's Raid, we'll be doing Alphascape v1.0 (Savage).

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Final Fantasy XIV – Alphascape v1.0 (Savage) / O9S Guide

Mechanics & Rotation

Note: O9S has 2 possible rotations, and it would depend on what attack the boss will use first. The one we'll be using will be the Water Rotation which starts with the Long/Lat Implosion and then the Water Phase.

Summary of Boss Rotations:
Water Rotation: Long/Lat Implosion > Water > Earth > Interlude > Fire > Wind > Enrage
Fire Rotation: Damning Edict > Fire > Wind > Interlude > Water > Earth > Enrage


Longitudinal or Latitudinal Implosion
  • Two consecutive sets of conal AoEs
  • Longitudinal - first set will be in front and back, second set will be on both his sides
  • Latitudinal - first set will be on both his sides, second set will be in front and back


Arena is reduced to a straight line in the middle

Tsunami - raid-wide AoE with the ff. debuff to all players:
  • Dynamic Fluid - debuff where a donut AoE will be cast around players when timer runs out. 10 secs. on tanks/healers, 17 secs. on DPS

Umbra Smash + T/H Dynamic Fluid - boss will jump to the farthest edge dealing proximity AoE damage. At the same time, Dynamic Fluid of tanks/healers will pop so not only should everyone be away from the pulsating telegraph, they must also stack together

Damning Edict + DPS Dynamic Fluid - 180-degree frontal AoE with knockback. Stand behind him. As you're at the opposite side during Umbra Smash, sprint back to where the boss is and get behind him before casting finishes. Dynamic Fluid of DPS will also resolve at this point so stack tightly

Chaotic Dispersion - tankbuster with vulnerability up. Mitigate, tankswap and heal.


Knock Down (Water) + T/H Dynamic Fluid - healers will both be marked with proximity AoEs. One will go north, the other south, and the rest of the party will stay in the middle. Donut AoEs of tanks/healers will resolve at the same time

Big Bang (Water) + DPS Dynamic Fluid - healers are to run back to the middle immediately after Knock Down (Water) and before the Big Bang casting finishes as (1) the area where they placed their markers will explode and (2) donut AoEs of the DPS will resolve

Fiendish Orbs (Water) - two orbs from the north and south will be tethered to random players. Tanks should intercept the tethers and use cooldowns to minimize damage


The arena will be reduced to its northern half

Earthquake - raid-wide AoE with the ff. debuffs:
  • Tanks/healers get Accretion debuff which needs the party to be fully healed ASAP
  • DPS get Primordial Crust where they need to die before timer expires. If they get hit with damage more than their HP, they won't actually die- it will only be reduced to 1

Knockback Quake - arrows from the north pointing to the south will be telegraphed. This will knockback everyone to the south. You can stand on the northern edge or use anti-knockback skills here to avoid being pushed to the AoE DoT area

Long/Lat Implosion - tanks/healers dodge, while DPS WILL NEED TO GET HIT TWICE to remove their Primordial Crust debuff

Chaotic Dispersion

Knock Down (Earth) + Knockback Quake - tanks/healers will get stack markers, and there will be another floor knockback to the south. Everyone will stack with their assigned partners on the northern edge

Final Fantasy XIV – Alphascape v1.0 (Savage) / O9S Guide

Big Bang (Earth) - AoE to where the stack markers are taken after the knockback. Tanks/healers move out to the north while the DPS stay to get hit to remove their Primordial Crust debuff

Fiendish Orbs (Earth) - orbs on the edges of the arena will spawn multiple straight-line AoEs. Dodge them all


Bowels of Agony
  • Reduces health of all players to 1
  • Tanks/healers will get Dynamic Fluid and Headwind (get half the knockback distance when you are hit behind, double if at the front)
  • DPS will get Primordial Crust and Entropy (cannot be healed and does knockback AoE around them when timer expires)
  • Healers don't use shields when healing so DPS can get killed to remove their debuff
  • Dark Crystal spawns in the middle and needs to be killed before its Dark Aether bar gets filled
  • DPS go to assigned positions at max melee range of the Dark Crystal (N S E W)
  • Tanks/healers will stand behind their DPS partners and look away so they will only get half the knockback (Headwind debuff)
  • Entropy debuff of DPS will hit the tanks/healers and knocks them back 1/2 the distance
  • Tanks/healers will then position in a way that their Dynamic Fluid AoE will hit their DPS partner after the knockback to kill them and remove their Entropy debuff
  • Continue killing the crystal

Final Fantasy XIV – Alphascape v1.0 (Savage) / O9S GuideFinal Fantasy XIV – Alphascape v1.0 (Savage) / O9S Guide

Soul of Chaos - ultimate move after killing the crystal. Cast shields and ready for heals after

Damning Edict


Arena is reduced to a small circle in the middle

Blaze - raid-wide AoE that also gives Entropy debuff to everyone
  • Everyone cannot be healed. Knockback AoE around players when timer expires
  • Tanks/healers have 10 secs. while DPS have 20 secs.
  • Assign N S E W positions to tanks/healers, and another N S E W to DPS
  • Key point here is whichever group's Entropy debuff is about to run out, they should go to their N S E W positioning while the others stay in the middle to avoid their AoE

T/H Entropy - tanks/healers go to your assigned positions to bait your Entropy AoEs. DPS stay in the middle

Final Fantasy XIV – Alphascape v1.0 (Savage) / O9S Guide

Long/Lat Implosion

DPS Entropy - after dodging Long/Lat Implosion, tanks/healers stay at the middle while the DPS go to their assigned positions to bait their Entropy AoEs

Final Fantasy XIV – Alphascape v1.0 (Savage) / O9S Guide

Chaotic Dispersion
Tank/Healer Entropy

Knock Down (Fire) - AoE markers on tanks/healers that should be shared with their partner DPS (EDGE of N S E W positioning)

DPS Entropy - tanks/healers run back to the middle while the DPS stay in their respective N S E W positions to bait their Entropy AoEs

Big Bang (Fire) - AoEs on where players shared their Knock Down (Fire) AoEs. If placed correctly on the edges, the safe zone would be in the middle

Fiendish Orbs (Fire) - orbs around the circle will spawn and do multiple straight-line AoEs. Dodge as usual


Center of the arena is off-limits

Cyclone - raid-wide AoE that also gives Headwind debuff to tanks/healers, and Tailwind to all DPS
  • Headwind - halves the knockback distance when hit at the back, and double if at the front
  • Tailwind - reverse of Headwind. Halves knockback distance when hit in front, double if at the back

Umbra Smash - proximity AoE on the opposite quadrant of the arena. Run towards boss after the damage

Knockback + Damning Edict
  • Knockback AoE coming from the center will be telegraphed while boss is casting Damning Edict at the corner
  • The goal here is to get behind the boss and avoid Damning Edict by utilizing the Knockback AoE at the center
  • Everyone stand near the wind AoE in the middle with the boss behind you
  • Tanks/healers must face away from the wind AoE (their backs must get hit by the AoE)
  • DPS should face the wind AoE directly (their face/front must get hit by the AoE)
  • This positioning is to utilize the 1/2 knockback effect of your Headwind/Tailwind debuffs. If done right, you'll get behind the boss and live. If you don't, you'll fall off the edge or die to Damning Edict

Final Fantasy XIV – Alphascape v1.0 (Savage) / O9S Guide

Chaotic Dispersion

Knock Down (Wind) + Knockback - healers are marked with proximity AoEs. They must drop it on the adjacent corners. For example, if party is in the SE, healer 1 will run to SW and healer 2 to NE.

There will also be another knockback like before, so again- everyone should be near the center AoE, tanks/healers look away while DPS face the AoE

Final Fantasy XIV – Alphascape v1.0 (Savage) / O9S Guide

Big Bang (Wind) - big AoE on where the healers dropped their proximity AoEs

Fiendish Orb (Wind) - two orbs will tether to two random players. Tanks must intercept them and eat the damage with mitigation. PLD can get both orbs and use Hallowed Ground


AoEs with 5 second debuffs each

Blaze w/ Entropy - stack for heals then everyone spread to handle Entropy AoE

Tsunami w/ Dynamic Fluid - stack for both heals and handling of the donut AoE

Cyclone w/ Headwind & Tailwind - no knockback here so everyone will just be damaged heavily with damage down debuff

Earthquake w/ Accretion - healers need to fully heal the party ASAP

Bowels of Agony - kill him or wipe


/p --------------------------------
/p ■ Blaze                                     | ■ Earthquake
/p                 MT/D1        │ H1  MT  ST  H2
/p    H1/D3 ボス H2/D4    │ D3  D1  D2  D4
/p                  ST/D2        │
/p .
/p ■ Tsunami: H1 north; H2 south
/p .
/p ■ Cyclone: H1/MT SEsoutheast; H2/ST NWnorthwest
/p .
/p ■Crystal
/p              MT
/p               D1
/p      H1 D3 ◎ D4 H2
/p              D2
/p              ST

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