Alphascape v2.0 (Savage) O10S Guide – Final Fantasy XIV

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For today's Raid, we'll be doing Alphascape v2.0 (Savage).

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Final Fantasy XIV – Alphascape v2.0 (Savage) / O10S Guide

Mechanics & Rotation

Flip/Spin Mechanic - he will dance TWO of either flip or coil (usually with a separate mechanic in between), and after the 2nd flip/spin there will be an attack with no AoE markers so you must know where to go and quickly. What type of attack will depend on the flip/spin combination- it is as follows:

Coil + Coil = AoE on boss. GET OUT
Coil + Flip = AoE around boss. GET INFlip + Flip = Plus formation AoE. GO TO DIAGONALS (NE NW SE SW)
Flip + Coil = X formation AoE. GO TO CARDINALS (N S E W)

For Coil (In/Out),  each will be assigned their own unique cardinal/diagonal position

Final Fantasy XIV – Alphascape v2.0 (Savage) / O10S GuideFinal Fantasy XIV – Alphascape v2.0 (Savage) / O10S Guide

For Flip (Plus/X), players will go to cardinals/diagonals in PAIRS

Final Fantasy XIV – Alphascape v2.0 (Savage) / O10S GuideFinal Fantasy XIV – Alphascape v2.0 (Savage) / O10S Guide

We'll be calling the Flip/Coil moves 'Signature'


Signature 1 (Flip)

Signature 2 (ALWAYS Coil - go cardinals)

Signature 1 (Coil)

Akh Morn - 4x shareable AoE. Stack together behind boss and shield/heal

Signature 2 (ALWAYS Coil - go out)

Tail End - tankbuster that deals 130k unmitigated damage. Cooldowns and shields here

Signature 1 (Coil)

Signature 2 (In/Out) + Earthshakers - In/Out with straight-line AoEs on everyone. Everybody move to their assigned clock phase. As soon as you see his 2nd signature move, go in or out depending on his attack. Avoid clipping others

Signature 1 (Flip)
Tail End

Signature 2 (Plus/X) + Thunderstorms - 4 DPS will be marked with circle AoE. Depending on the flip/coil mechanic, they will either go to their assigned cardinals or diagonals along with their partners

Time Immemorial - targets both tanks with the ff. debuffs:
  • Death from Above (blue) - get Doom (die 10 secs) when hit by an auto-attack of a flying unit
  • Death from Below (purple) - get Doom (die 10 secs) when hit by an auto-attack of a ground unit
  • Since the boss is flying here, the PURPLE tank must have aggro ASAP

Signature 1 (Coil)

Northern Cross + Signature 2 (In/Out) - same In/Out mechanic, only this time the floor will be slippery. The trick here is to stand a bit inside his hitbox- stay when In, and slide out if Out. DO NOT slide through as you won't make it in time

Akh Rhai - (1) healers will be marked with Blizzard AoE that expands and causes players to freeze when stepped on- place them on the far edges of the arena. (2) Pulsing lasers will drop on two random players. Everyone spread out to avoid both the ice puddles and lasers

Signature 1 (Coil)

Horrid Roar x8 + Signature 2 (In/Out) - stack at the edge of his hitbox to bait the AoEs, then go In or Out depending on the upcoming attack


A Dragon will appear in the middle, which needs to be tanked by the BLUE tank. It uses raid-wide AoEs and cleaving tankbusters

Big and small Nails will also appear- kill the small Nails ASAP and this will turn the big ones into small- kill them next. After all Nails are gone, kill the Dragon

When the Dragon dies, he will cast an AoE around him so watch out . He will also drop a buff puddle which needs to be picked up by the BLUE tank. It grants the ff:

Arcane Bulwark - makes the wielder immune to most attacks. Can be transferred to another player by direct contact. Upon transfer, the former wielder will get the Defenseless debuff, preventing him to get it again. They say Bulwark has a fixed HP to it, so the BLUE tank should avoid being damaged and get as much shields as he can. This is because Bulwark is needed until the end of Phase 2 (Hot Tail)

After killing the Dragon (and the BLUE tank picking up the buff), the boss will use Protostar- heavy AoE damage on all players that will damage 3 times so use shields and heal quick

Horrid Roar + Cauterize + Thunderstorm x2 - circular AoE markers will spawn on where players are, four players will be marked with Thunderstorm AoE, and then boss will make a dive in a random half of the arena. The trick here is everyone stack in the middle to bait the poop, look where the boss will appear, and spread on the safe zone. It's okay to get hit by one Thunderstorm, just not two


Time Immemorial - whoever is BLUE tank after this must get aggro and tank boss ASAP. Conversely, whoever is off-tank must have the Arcane Bulwark. OT must stay away from the party (behind boss) and go to flank to avoid accidentally passing the buff

Crimson Breath x4 - a random healer or DPS will be marked for Crimson Breath (conal instakill AoE). He must go to the OT (flank) to get the Arcane Bullwark for immunity. When transfer is confirmed, the off tank, now with the Defenseless debuff, must move away ASAP to dodge the AoE incoming to the marked player. This will happen 4 times

In summary, here is the sequence:
  • Marked player goes to flank to get Bulwark
  • Former Bulwark wielder moves away
  • Marked player eats the Crimson Breath and lives thanks to the buff
  • Rinse and repeat

After all 4 Crimson Breaths are done, OT must get the Arcane Bulwark back for a later mechanic

Fireballs + Hot Tail - a number of things will happen here. Here's the sequence:
  • 1 random player will be tethered to boss (target of Hot Tail)
  • Fireballs spawn in the middle (1st set)
  • Fireballs spawn in one corner (2nd set)
  • Fireballs spawn in the opposite corner (3rd set)
  • Horrid Roar AoEs will drop where players stand
  • Horrid Roar AoEs + 1st set of Fireballs explode (Plus shape)
  • 2nd set of Fireballs explode (L shape)
  • 3rd set of Fireballs explode (L shape)
  • Hot Tail - straight-line AoE (front and back of boss) on tethered player

To handle them, here's what you can do:

Part 1
  • Everyone stack at the corner edge of the 3rd set of Fireballs to bait AoEs (melee can be at sides)
  • Move a bit to avoid AoEs, also to avoid blast zones of 1st Fireballs set (middle with + pattern)
  • Off-tank gets the Hot Tail tether from marked player
  • Off-tank can pre-position away from the party to avoid accidentally passing the tether

Part 2
  • 1st set and Horrid Roar AoEs explode
  • Everyone move to the middle area just enough to avoid the 2nd and 3rd set of Fireballs
  • Advisable to move BEHIND boss to avoid getting the off-tank's Hot Tail tether

Part 3
  • 2nd and 3rd set explodes
  • Everyone (except tethered tank) move to flank of boss to avoid Hot tail
  • Tethered off-tank, facing the boss away from the party, eats the Hot Tail with buffs and shields


Note: on the Signature combos, Earthshakers will always be paired with In/Out while Thunderstorm will always be paired with Plus/X

Horrid Roar + Cauterize + Exaflare x2 - another Horrid Roar and Cauterize combo, but this time with the annoying Exaflare. Exaflares spawn in one edge of the arena, then slowly make their way to the opposite edge with deadly circular AoEs. Steer clear from its path. Stay alert as you also have to watch out for Horrid Roar and Cauterize at the same time

Tail End
Akh Morn

Horrid Roar x8 + Thunderstorm x8 - stay stacked after Akh Morn, then when Horrid Roar AoEs drop on the floor, everyone spread out using their In/Out positioning to avoid clipping each other with their Thunderstorm AoEs

Signature 1 (Flip or Coil)
Tail End
Signature 2 (Plus/X + Thunderstorm or In/Out + Earthshakers)
Time Immemorial

Blizzard x2 + Exaflare + Akh Morn - a bit tricky. The 2 random players with Blizzard must drop their expanding ice AoEs on the opposite edge of where the Exaflare will spawn. Everyone else stack where the 1st Exaflare AoE dropped (so it's a 100% safe zone) and share the Akh Morn there. Big shields and heals here

Signature 1 (Flip or Coil)

Northern Cross + Signature 2 (Plus/X + Thunderstorm or In/Out + Earthshakers) - another tricky combination due to the slippery floor. If Signature 1 is Flip, it's easier if you pre-position near your assigned cardinals so you can just slide directly to your assigned N S E W or diagonals. If Coil, then pre-position to your In/Out positions inside the boss's hitbox, then stay or slide out depending on the attack

Horrid Roar
Akh Rai
Tail End
Signature 1 (Flip/Coil)
Tail End
Signature 2 (Plus/X + Thunderstorm or In/Out + Earthshakers)
Time Immemorial
Blizzard + Exaflare + Akh Morn


/p ------------------------
/p              MT
/p        D1        D4
/p   H1                   H2
/p        D3       D2
/p              ST
/p ------------------------
/p ------------------------
/p   MT D1       D4 H2
/p   H1 D3        ST D2
/p ------------------------
/p ------------------------
/p                MT D1
/p   H1 D3                D4 H2
/p                 ST D3
/p ------------------------

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