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For today's Extreme Trial, we'll be doing Hades in the Minstrel's Ballad: Hades Elegy.

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Final Fantasy XIV – Hades (Extreme) Guide


Ancient Double - buff that doubles all his attacks

Shadow Spread - 2 consecutive conal attacks on everyone. Get near the boss and spread on separate clock phases to avoid clipping each other. Eat the 1st attack, then avoid the 2nd by sidestepping to a safe area

Bad Faith - 2 consecutive quadrant attacks on NE+SW or NW+SE then vice versa. Avoid the 1st by going behind the nails, and immediately run to the other side to avoid the next

Ravenous Assault - 2x tankbuster with the 1st having a vulnerability debuff. Use invulnerability or switch tanks on cast so off-tank can eat he 2nd hit without debuffs. Use cooldowns

Arcane Utterance + Control
  • Utterance - summons 7 mirrors, 1 in each clock phase, that will fire straight lasers that goes through everything
  • Control - the mirrors will fire laser

    How to handle:
    look for the clock phase with no mirror and run behind the mirror opposite to it. Since there's no mirror pointing at you, then no laser will fire at you

Broken Faith - 9 puddles will appear, 8 on the clock phases of the arena's edge, and 1 on the center. Blue AoE magic circles will begin falling down one by one. Just avoid them- advisable to move to puddles where a circle has recently exploded

Arcane Utterance - AoE orb will appear on each clock phase, except on 1 of them. Run towards that safe spot

Shadow Spread


Nabriales' Shade - DPS it down as you handle other mechanics

Tethers on all DPS - straight line AoE on where the DPS are. They face away from party

Meteors - tanks must stand on meteor puddles as they go down and explode or else it will cause raid-wide AoE

AoE Circles on Tanks + Shareable AoE on everyone else - tanks move away while everyone else stack together

Quake III - raid-wide AoE. I think damage is relevant to Nabriales's HP so you must have reduced his HP or killed him by then

Igeyorhm (Ice) & Lahabrea (Fire) -DPS them down as you handle mechanics. Check your Fire/Ice debuffs

Fire + Blizzard Sphere - raid-wide AoE. Will give half the party Fire debuff and the other half an Ice debuff. Attack the shade opposite your debuff. Tanks tank them away from each other

Dark Flame x2 + Dark Freeze x2 - 4 shadows will position on NE NW SE SW then tether to players. 4 players will get one each and must get the element opposite to their debuff. They stay near the shadow they are tethered to. Everyone else without a tether stay in the middle

Fire + Blizzard Sphere - same as before, but changes your debuff to the other element

Fire IV / Blizzard IV - tankbusters on their respective tanks

Universal Manipulation Combo
  • Universal Manipulation - raid-wide AoE
    • Team A: DPS will be debuffed by Off Balance + Lightning + Reverse Death
    • Team B: T/H will be debuffed by Circle + Shriek + Death
  • Ancient Circle - donut AoEs on Team B
    • Fully heal Team B. Team A needs to get hit by the circle and will be knocked back
      How to handle: T/H will stick to the boss's NSEW while each DPS will be a bit outside their partner T/H facing outside, just enough to get hit by their partners' circle AoE
  • Death Shriek - petrification if you face anyone from Team B when it activates
    How to handle: Team A will be pushed towards the edge after getting hit by a circle AoE. Everyone just face outside the arena to avoid glare
  • Forked Lightning - circle AoE on Team A. Just spread and avoid getting clipped
  • Blight - raid-wide AoE

Height of Chaos - tankbuster

Megiddo Flame - straight-line shareable AoE on both healers. 4 people stack on one side, while the other 4 on other

Shadow Flare


Again the Majestic - a set of ff. mechanics:
  • 2 Tank Meteors + Circle AoE on healer
  • 2 Tank Meteors
  • 2 Tank Meteors + Aether Gaol (kill it)

Again the Martyr - a set of mechanics where you need to be in the right position after the knockback
  • Healers will be marked with straight-line AoEs
  • DPS will be marked with circle AoEs each

    How to handle:
    • everyone stack at middle before the push
    • 1 T/H pair position to get pushed at north
    • 1 T/H pair position to get pushed at south
    • DPS position to get pushed on east and west areas separately
    • the point is to avoid clipping. On knockback:
    • tank and healer pairs will get pushed to their areas and share damage
    • DPS will also get pushed and their circle AoEs will explode
    • You may use knockback resistance abilities to forego the knockback

Again the Abyssal Celebrant - another set of mechanics
  • Raid-wide Striped conal AoE
  • Straight-line shareable AoEs on healers
  • AoE puddle on DPS

    Conal AoE > Straight AoE > Conal AoE > Straight AoE > Conal AoE > Straight AoE > Puddles

    How to handle: 1 T/H pair position on NE, 1 T/H pair on NW, while those with puddles spread on the middle and south. All while avoiding the conal AoEs

Dark Seal - summons expanding spheres throughout the arena

Polydemon's Purgation + Shadow Stream
  • Polydegmon's Purgation - straight-line AoE on the sides. Stand at center while avoiding Dark Seal
  • Shadow Stream - straight-line AoE on the center. Stand on the sides while avoiding Dark Seal

Dark Seal

Life in Captivity - time maneuver mode!


Dark Current - multiple moving circle AoEs on the direction of their arrows. Sidestep to avoid. Getting behind a circle after the fact is best

Gigantomachy - raid-wide AoE

Quadrastrike - raid-wide AoE with 2 tank towers, then another raid-wide AoE with bleeding

Dark Current



Gigantomachy (enrage)

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