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For today's Extreme Trial, we'll be doing Suzaku in Hell's Kier (Extreme).

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Screams of the Damned - raid-wide AoE

Rout - Suzaku charges at the center (straight-line AoE) and marks everyone with Rekindle (circular AoE). Birds on the ground will revive if clipped by Rekindle. Spread to avoid both the charge and birds. Remember not to clip others

Fleeting Summer - conal AoE

Cremate - magic-based tankbuster

Phoenix Down - a series of mechanics will follow:
  • Positioning: H1 D1 on W-NW / MT D2 on N-NE / H2 D3 on E-SE / OT D4 on S-SW
  • Small and big feathers with big AoEs will drop and all DPS will be marked with Rekindle (circular AoE)
  • Everyone kill the SMALL feathers on your assigned positions to create a safe zone before they explode (Wing and a Prayer)- they can either be in the cardinal (N S E W) or intercardinal (NW NE SE SW) areas
  • Each DPS will revive the birds assigned to their intercardinal position with their Rekindle AoEs (NE, NW, SE, SW)
  • Healers watch out for one Cremate to the MT during all of this
  • Strictly one bird per DPS. And keep them away from each other when they revive
  • Everyone kill the revived birds on your assigned areas ASAP

Final Fantasy XIV – Suzaku (Extreme) Guide
Phoenix Down positioning

Screams of the Damned

Eternal Flame - 8 arrows will appear. Each player must stand on an arrow and literally face their characters to where their arrow is pointing at. Can base on Phoenix Down positioning. You will get a 1 minute damage buff up per successful orb you eat (up to 10x). Damage of next mechanic to you will depend on how many orbs you DIDN'T eat. There are two sets- 3 in the first, 7 in the second. Make sure no orb gets through

Scarlet Fever - ultimate move whose damage will depend on how many orbs passed through in Eternal Flame


Note: from this point forward, there's a big hole at the center of the arena. Don't fall or get pulled there

Southron Star - raid-wide AoE

Mesmerizing Melody (Pull) or Ruthless Refrain (Push)
  • Mesmerizing Melody pulls everyone towards the center. Move away to avoid falling at the center hole
  • Ruthless Refrain pushes everyone away. Stay close to avoid falling off the edge
  • Can use anti-knockback skills on these attacks

Well of Flame 
  • Big straight-line AoE to a random player
  • Marks 4 others with AoE attack
  • 1 healer will have a shareable AoE marker to which everyone must stack together after spreading
  • Stack at south (C) and MT will make the boss keep facing north for easier handling of Phantom Flurry

Phantom Flurry
  • Tankbuster with vulnerability debuff, and then 180-degree frontal instant kill AoE cleave
  • Mitigate, tankswap and go behind boss (C) when casting starts
  • New MT goes back to north area (A) so boss will keep facing north

  • The arena will be divided into 4 quadrants: blue, black, yellow, purple
  • 8 runes representing the quadrants will appear on one side
  • A fire bird will also appear and begin moving towards the runes (always CLOCKWISE)
  • Whichever rune the bird touches will have its corresponding quadrant explode
  • Avoid standing on a quadrant that's set to explode
  • There are 2 patterns per set here: 12341234 or 12344321
  • There are also 2 types of movements: clockwise explosions or cross (X) explosions
  • There's a lag time between explosions so you can sidestep between exploding quadrants. The fire bird moves pretty slow so there's time to analyze the Runes and prepare where to go
  • NOT advisable to run and follow the explosions on clockwise as it's a waste of DPS (especially for casters) but if you have a laggy internet or slow reaction time, then go for it

Mesmerizing Melody
or Ruthless Refrain

Close-quarter Crescendo - everyone will each be tethered to an orb with a cardinal position. You will then be forced to run in that direction for about half the arena after a few seconds. Position yourself in a way to avoid falling off the edge or falling in the center hole

Well of Flame

Phantom Flurry

Note: from here on out, Runes will be paired with a previous mechanic so be raid aware!

Mesmerizing Melody or Ruthless Refrain + Runes (Set 1)

Southron Star + Runes (set 2)

Phantom Flurry

Southron Star

Incandescent Interlude w/ Ruthless Refrain
  • 4 meteors (N, S, E and W) will spawn
  • Ruthless Refrain AoE markers on 4 players (tanks+healers or all DPS)
  • Boss will cast Ruthless Refrain to knock-back everyone
  • Those with AoE markers will need to use anti-knockback skills or get knocked-back to their assigned intercardinal positions (NE, NW, SE, SW) to avoid getting hit by meteors or clipping others with their AoE
  • Those without AoE markers can get knocked-back to the meteors of their assigned cardinal positions (N, S, E and W)
  • Tanks can soak meteors even if they also have Ruthless Refrain so DPS/healers assigned at North (A) and South (C) can rest easy

Well of Flame + Runes (4 only)
  • The last 4 sets of Runes only have 4 Runes per set. But in exchange, there will be other harder mechanics in between. Watch out first for the mechanics before handling Runes!

Close-quarter Crescendo Runes (4 only)
  • With CQ Crescendo, your movements will be very limited and it will be tricky to avoid Runes at the same time
  • Take note of the 1st and 2nd runes. Check your CQ Crescendo direction. There's only one of those two runes you can go to if you take CQ Crescendo into account. Position yourself in a way that you'll move towards that Rune

Mesmerizing Melody or Ruthless Refrain + Runes (4 only)

Phantom Flurry + Runes (4)

Southron Star

Mesmerizing Melody or Ruthless Refrain

Well of Flame

Phantom Flurry

Southron Star

Mesmerizing Melody or Ruthless Refrain

Southron Star

Phantom Flurry



/p    MT   |    (A)
/p  D1 D2   |   MT/D2→
/p H1   H2  | ↑H1/D1 ◇ H2/D3↓
/p  D4 D3   |  ←ST/D4
/p    ST     |    (C)
/p ※羽 担当箇所に無い場合時計回り
/p ーーーーーーーーーーーーーー
/p 後半頭割り (C)側受け
/p ST詠唱中にスイッチ 前方範囲後(A)へ
/p 灼熱 マークついてない方が隕石担当

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