Juicy Burgers and Coke Memorabilia at Mama Chit's


Telephone No. 646 85 47
Business Hours: Mon-Sun, 9:30am-9:30pm

Check out one of the must-go-to places in Marikina and the only one of its kind- Mama Chit's! Famous for their scrumptious burgers and Coke Memorabilia from over half a century ago, Mama Chits is a place for both good food and a good time.

Mama Chit's Marikina, Burger, Chips, Dip
Cheeseburger with Chips & Dip

Just check the map above for instructions on how to go there. Notable landmarks are the Marikina Sports Center, Our Lady of the Abandoned Church, and John Wilkes Bike Shop. You’ll see Mama Chit’s on the left beside said bike shop.

Mama Chit's Marikina, restaurant store frontMama Chit's Marikina, restaurant store front, logo

Before talking about their food, I’d also like to emphasize how cool their interior design is. They're going for that 1950’s Classical American look and they pulled it off nicely. On the walls and shelves you’ll see ad designs of late, as well as other oldies paraphernalia that add to that 50’s feel- classic posters, antique clocks, rotary dial telephones, vintage lamps, jars, and more! Most of them from Coca Cola- a blast from the past!

Mama Chit's Marikina, restaurant store interior, 1950's america, coke memorabiliaMama Chit's Marikina, restaurant store interior, 1950's america, coke memorabilia
Home of the biggest collection of Coke Memorabilia in Marikina!

Now for the main course- at Mama Chit’s, the wonderful interior also comes with equally yummy foodie choices. And their bestsellers include the Cheeseburger with Chips and Dip, Mama Chit’s Spaghetti and my uber-delicious favorite, the Pepper Steak Sandwich!

There’s also the very rare Mr. Pepper and A&W Root Beer to help you wash down those goodies. Man, I’m getting hungry just by writing about them. Haha. Anyway, the food here is spot on! The prices? Medium level but pretty reasonable. This is one of the places you have to try out AT LEAST once.

For now, let me eat in peace. Be sure to drop by at Mama Chit’s when time permits! 🙂

Here's a couple more photos:

Mama Chit's Marikina, pepper steak sandwich
Pepper Steak Sandwich

Mama Chit's Marikina, spaghetti
Mama Chit’s Spaghetti

Mama Chit's Marikina, mojos, ketchup

Mama Chit's Marikina, watermelon shake, drinksMama Chit's Marikina, dr. pepper, a&w, drinks, softdrinks
Watermelon Shake, Dr. Pepper, A&W Root Beer

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