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For today's Extreme Trial, we'll be doing Nidhogg (Extreme).

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Final Fantasy XIV Nidhogg

Let’s get down to business-

OPENER (100%)

Main tank faces Nidhogg away from party to bait the cleave attack.

  1. Scarlet Whisper (Cleave)
  2. Deafening Bellow (AoE damage)
  3. Scarlet Whisper (Cleave)

PHASE 1 (90%) – Horrid Roar + Cauterize

  1. Horrid Roar (4 Ground AoEs)
  2. Horrid Roar (4 Player AoEs) + Cauterize (Half-Arena Divebomb)
  3. Horrid Roar (4 Ground AoEs)
  4. Horrid Roar (4 Player AoEs) + Cauterize (Half-Arena Divebomb)

Everyone stacks at center to bait the ground AoEs, rotate the camera and look for Nidhogg to see where he will dive, then run the opposite way- avoiding both the ground AoEs and the dive. Don’t forget to spread evenly as there will be AoE marks on 4 players. If there’s no more room and you’ll risk getting sandwiched between two AoEs, just stack with one. Eating one is fine vs. two which will kill you. Rush back to the middle to repeat it one more time.

PHASE 2 – Hot Tail + Hot Wing

  1. Touchdown (AoE)
  2. Scarlet Whisper (Cleave)
  3. Deafening Bellow (AoE)
  4. Scarlet Whisper (Cleave)
  5. Hot Tail or Hot Wing
  6. Horrid Roar (4 ground AoEs)
  7. Hot Tail or Hot Wing (whichever wasn’t used in #5)

Hot Tail means stay away from the straight line encompassing Nidhogg’s head and tail. Hot Wing is the opposite- stay inside. He won’t use the same skill twice, so if he uses Hot Tail first, Hot Wing is sure to be next. But watch out! Ground AoEs will spawn between these skills so wait for them to spawn first before going to the safe area of the next attack.

PHASE 3 (80%) – Adds

Each tank will handle either the lizard or the eel. Ignore the dragon but avoid its frontal cleave and ranged fireball attacks. Fireballs can be baited then evaded by ranged players by going to the edge of the arena.

Kill 1st: Shadow Brobinyak (Lizard)

After the lizard is killed, lizard tank should provoke the eel off the other tank to prevent him from getting any more stacks. If he will be getting a third stack he must use his invulnerability skill before it drops or else he’ll die.

Kill 2nd: Shadow Falak (Eel)

Kill last: Shadow Dragon

PHASE 4 – Dragondive

  1. Drachenlance
  2. Drachenlance
  3. High Jump x4 (Player AoEs)
  4. Geirskogul x4 + Soul Tether
  5. Ala Morn
  6. Drachenlance

Whoever has purple marks on them should bait and place them ALL on one edge. Just be careful not to clip others. When the shadows dive, run to the middle and avoid any purple AoE lines that will appear. Around this time, a random player will be tethered by a random shadow so the off-tank must intercept this and eat the explosion away from the party, all while avoiding the purple AoE lines as well.

PHASE 5 – Claw & Fang

Two adds will spawn- Red Claw and Blue Fang. 3 players will be tethered as blue, and another 3 as red. Red means taking damage = dealing damage to the claw, while blue means taking damage = healing the fang. So basically if you have red you need to get damaged, and if you have blue, avoiding getting damaged at all costs. If the current main tank gets blue at the start, off-tank should get aggro ASAP. Tank-swap as necessary- no main tank should be having blue.

There are two attacks here: 1.) 3 AoE balls which the red players should each get (be careful where you pop them) and 2.) a sharable AoE will be marked on a blue player. Blue player should get away from his fellow blues and go to the center. Red players should stack with him to share damage, at the same time damaging the claw and minimizing the healing done to the fang.

PHASE 6 – Towers

  1. Ala Morn
  2. Ala Morn
  3. Drachenlance
  4. 4 Towers + High Jump 2x (always healers) + Soul Tether 2x (always healers)
  5. High Jump x4 (circle player AoE) + Gierskogul x4 (line AoE)
  6. Geirskogul x4 (line AoE)
  7. Super Jump (proximity AoE)

Assign two players to each quadrant with one player taking a tower. The others would go to the edges just in case they get marked with a High Jump. We will have the northeast and northwest occupied by each tank partnered with one healer. DPS can be accounted for on the southern sides. Diagram is as follows:

When the towers drop, it will leave a fire puddle. Healers will also leave purple puddles on where they placed the High Jumps. Healers will also be tethered so their tanks must take their tethers before they explode and kill them. Just avoid anythings strange on the floor here and don’t panic on the throbbing proximity AoE since you’ll have time to run away from it after all the other attacks have dropped. Just make sure you won’t step on anything red or purple the entire time!

PHASE 7 – Blood Rage

  1. Blood Rage (AoE)
  2. Horrid Roar (Ground AoE)
  3. Horrid Roar (Player AoE) + Cauterize (Divebomb)

Just a single repeat of the phase 1 rotation.

PHASE 8 – Fireballs / Final Phase


  1. Ahk Morn 4x (Everyone Stack!)
  2. Fireballs spawn on two corners
  3. Fireballs spawn on the center
  4. Horrid Roar (Ground AoE) + Hot Wing
  5. Flame Blast (Corner Fireballs)
  6. Horrid Roar (Player AoE)
  7. Flame Blast (Center Fireballs)

Stack on his butt to share the Akh Morn, then the main tank goes back north to bait the usual cleave attacks. Avoid going to the middle as this will be your single safe spot later on. When the ground AoEs appear, everyone goes to the middle to avoid the Hot Wing, ground AoEs and corner fireballs. When the corner fireballs explode, immediately run to your designated quadrants to avoid the center fireballs’ explosion. Also don’t stack with your partner on your quadrant as everyone will be marked with player AoEs. The second rotation will follow starting with another Akh Morn.


  1. Ahk Morn x5 (Everyone Stack!) + Tank Swap (from here swap on every Akh Morn)
  2. Scarlet Whisper
  3. Deafening Bellow
  4. Scarlet Whisper
  5. Deafening Bellow
  6. Fireballs spawn on the center
  7. Fireballs spawn on one random corner
  8. Fireballs spawn on another corner
  9. Horrid Roar
  10. Flame Blast (Center Fireballs)
  11. Flame Blast (2nd Set of Fireballs)
  12. Flame Blast (3rd Set of Fireballs) + Hot Tail
  13. Deafening Bellow

Stack again on his butt to share the Akh Morn, and OT must get aggro since the current MT would be full of debuffs by now from the last fireball rotation. From here on out, tank swap on every Akh Morn.

For the second rotation, fireballs will spawn on the center first, then on one random corner, then on another corner. The trick here is to run towards the corner of the 3rd set of fireballs, bait the ground AoEs on its edge, then avoid the ground AoEs. Don’t go too far away as you will be killed by the center fireballs. Wait for the center fireballs to explode, then run away before the fireballs close to you (3rd set) explodes. Nidhogg will also do Hot Tail at this time but it’s fine to get hit by it. Prioritize not getting hit by any of the fireballs.

The phase will repeat until you eventually succeed or die trying.

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