Samyang X2 Fire Noodle Challenge!

Here's me and my friends trying the so-called 'upgraded' Fire Noodle Challenge where you try to gulp down the spiciest instant noodles on Earth (at the time), which is the Samyang 2X Spicy.

Note: the purple 4x Spicy is NOT real. It's just Sichuan Peppercorn flavor falsely marketed as such.
For added fun, we put Sriracha sauce on the noodles before eating it. Didn't do much though- the noodles are definitely spicy but it's tolerable.

I figured our tolerance for spicy food was still high as it was only a few days after we tried Zark's Reaper Burger. Now that one tore a new hole in my stomach! It'll be hard to convince me to eat that again.

Anyway! Here's what went down on the challenge:

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