Watch the Complete Brotherhood: Final Fantasy XV Anime Here!

It's been years since Final Fantasy XV has been released already, but a lot of people haven't watched the Brotherhood anime yet, let alone even know about it. So if you've missed the Brotherhood anime, here's your chance! I've compiled all six episodes, including the bonus scenes of Luna.

The anime takes place right after the Kingsglaive movie, and before the actual game. Enjoy!

Here are the time stamps for each episode:

0:00 - Ep. 1: Before the Storm
10:45 - Ep. 2: Dogged Runner
24:22 - Ep. 3: Sword and Shield
36:38 - Ep. 4: Bittersweet Memories
52:48 - Ep. 5: The Warmth of Light
1:03:43 - Lunafreya Bonus Scene

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