The Seat of Sacrifice (Normal) Guide – Final Fantasy XIV

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For today's Normal Trial, we'll be doing The Seat of Sacrifice.

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Terror Unleashed - reduce everyone's HP to 1 + Living Dead on all players. Healers top everyone up

Solemn Confiteor - 4 random players will drop circle AoE on the floor

Coruscant Saber - A.) AoE around the boss (glowing sword) or B.) Donut AoE on the boss (donuts on sword)

Absolute Fire III - damage on everyone + 3 second debuff that damages you when you move/attack
Absolute Blizzard III - damage on everyone + frozen if you're not moving when it is cast

Imbued Absolute Fire/Blizzard III - charges his sword with Fire or Blizzard that will affect a later mechanic

Imbued Coruscance - combination of Coruscant Saber + the previously imbued Absolute Fire/Blizzard III

Sword of Light - a sword will appear on the north and will move around the arena to form a triangle. When the triangle is complete, the inside AoE will explode

Summon Wyrm - a dragon will appear on a random side of the arena and will do AoE towards half of the arena he is facing

The Bitter End - tankbuster

Elddragon Dive - raid-wide AoE
Imbued Absolute Fire/Blizzard III
Imbued Coruscance
Elddragon Dive

Ascendance - cutscene with Active Time Maneuver. Make sure everyone is successful because even just one failure would mean a wipe

Ultimate Crossover - use tank LB3 around 5 seconds after WoL reaches LB4


Imbued Absolute Fire/Blizzard III

Specter of Light: Twincast (BLM and WHM) - 4 meteor towers that need to be soaked by 2 people each will spawn

Imbued Coruscance
Elddragon Dive
Summon Wyrm

Specter of Light: Brimstone Earth (DRK) - growing circle AoEs on 2 opposing corners. Go to the safe area with no dragon

Specter of Light: Deluge of Death (BRD) - 1 proximity AoE on 1 random player. He should run to the other corner while the others stay

Absolute Holy - 1 shareable AoE on another random player

The Bitter End

To The Limit: Radiant Braver - conal AoE on 2 random players

To The Limit: Radiant Desperado - shareable straight-line AoE on 2 players. Split the party into 2 and share accordingly

To The Limit: Radiant Meteor - huge AoEs on 4 random players. Spread and avoid clipping one another. Also avoid taking more than 1 meteor

Sword of Light - 2 swords will now appear, meaning 2 triangle AoEs will spawn. Watch out

Absolute Fire/Blizzard III
Elddragon Dive
Imbued Absolute Fire/Blizzard III

Specter of Light: Suiton (NIN) - strong knockback from a random side of the arenaKaton (NIN) - shareable AoE on a random player

Imbued Coruscance

Specter of Light: Flare Breath (SMN) - dragons will tether to 4 random players and will do conal AoE on them. Face them away from the party

The Bitter End

Specter of Light: Perfect Decimation (WAR) - conal AoE on cardinals of the WAR, and then on his intercardinals

Absolute Fire/Blizzard III
Elddragon Dive


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