Garlean Anthem Lyric Video | Final Fantasy XIV

Was planning on crawling my way up from ARR with these videos, but this song is just such a favorite that I couldn't resist. Hail to the Empire!

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The Measure of Our Reach
by Masayoshi Soken

Beyond majestic mountains
Across the emerald dale
On march the ivory standard
United we prevail

From distant shores of Othard
To lakes of Aldenard
The light of mighty Garlemald
Fore'er our guiding star

Beneath the lofty heavens
With tired hands we toil
In iron do we clad our hearts
And cloudless are our souls

Yet every trial suffered
And every ally mourned
Do bring us solidarity
Our spirits stand uniform

Behold the boundless legions
Whose wings embrace the sun
Their fire rains down upon the land
Until their course is run

By mercy of Lord Galvus--
The pride within us all--
Shall we be granted victory
For glory, Garlemald

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