Top New Anime for Summer 2020

Hi, everyone! Looks like we're well on our way through the season. After watching a couple of episodes of titles with promising plot summaries, I've been able to weed out the good shows from the bad. For Summer 2020, or anime that started airing from June to September, the number stacks to around ninety shows. That's a lot!

So what new anime should YOU watch this season?

Picking only a dozen out of a hundred is pretty daunting. Agreed that there's plenty of interesting shows out there that cater to different kinds of people, but due to my other life responsibilities, I can only watch so much.

I made this list because I'm sure you're also busy with IRL stuff- better to have someone else do the grunt work, right? If our tastes match and you enjoy these shows, then great!

Without further ado, here's my Top 14 this season:


The Mistfit of Demon King Academy

The Misfit of Demon King Academy

Japanese: 魔王学院の不適合者 ~史上最強の魔王の始祖、転生して子孫たちの学校へ通う~ / Maou Gakuin no Futekigousha: Shijou Saikyou no Maou no Shiso, Tensei shite Shison-tachi no Gakkou e
Genre: Action, Demons, Magic, Fantasy, School | Studio: Silver Link

Summary: After 2,000 years of endless wars and strife, demon king Anos Voldigoad made a deal with the human hero Kanon to sacrifice his own life to ensure peace could flourish.

Reincarnating 2,000 years later, Anos finds that royal demons now harshly rule over lower class hybrid demons in a society that values his pureblood descendants over the others. Anos, now technically a hybrid himself, decides to reclaim his former title of Demon King to restore equality. But first, he must at the Demon King Academy where he is labeled a total misfit.



Japanese: 彼女、お借りします / Kanojo, Okarishimasu
Genre: Comedy, Romance, School, Shounen | Studio: TMS Entertainment

Summary: Kazuya Kinoshita is dumped by his girlfriend Mami Nanami after dating for a month. Depressed, he decides to use an online app where you can rent girls to be your girlfriend. He rents out the perfect Chizuru Mizuhara. Due to an unexpected turn of events, Kazuya is forced to introduce her to his sick and disappointed grandmother.

Not wanting to break his grandma's heart, Kazuya continues renting Chizuru in order to keep up appearances. Things get complicated though when they discover they are next-door apartment neighbors and attend the same college.

Uzaki-chan Wants to Hang Out!

Uzaki-chan Wants to Hang Out!

Japanese: 宇崎ちゃんは遊びたい! / Uzaki-chan wa Asobitai!
Genre: Slice of Life, Comedy, Romance, Ecchi | Studio: ENGI

Summary: Sakurai Shinichi's one wish is for a little peace and quiet. But Uzaki Hana, his boisterous, well-endowed underclassman who thinks of him as lonesome, has other plans. She proceeds to relentlessly hang out and poke fun at him. With the help of her chipper charm and peppy persistence, this might just be the start of a beautiful relationship!



Japanese: デカダンス
Genre: Action, Sci-Fi, Adventure | Studio: Nut

Summary: In the fortress city of Deca-dence, Natsume dreams of becoming a Gear warrior following her father's death during an enemy attack. She is instead assigned to a maintenance team led by Kaburagi. When he discovers that Natsume is listed as dead in the company database, he decides to watch over her and offers to train her to fight.


Re:Zero − Starting Life in Another World S2

Re:Zero − Starting Life in Another World S2

Japanese: Re:ゼロから始める異世界生活 / Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu
Genre: Drama, Fantasy, Psychological, Thriller | Studio: White Fox

Summary: After dying countless times, Subaru finally ended the threat of the White Whale and defeated the Witch Cult's Sin Archbishop representing sloth.

But shortly after overcoming said tragic ending and reuniting with his beloved Emilia, Subaru learns that Rem has been erased from this world- having fallen victim to the White Whale's Fog of Elimination in the midst of his death loop. With the White Whale now gone, Subaru and Emilia are forced to confront a reality far greater than their worst fears.

No Guns Life S2

No Guns Life S2

Japanese: ノー・ガンズ・ライフ
Genre: Action, Sci-Fi, Drama, Seinen | Studio: Madhouse

Summary: In the near future, many humans have become cyborgs called "Extended". After a great war, many Extended who are former soldiers begin to resort to crime to survive.

Juzo Inui is a "Resolver," an Extended mercenary who specializes in solving problems caused by other Extended. His life, however, is turned upside down when a renegade Extended breaks into his office and pleads for him to protect a young boy named Tetsurō Arahabaki.

Fire Force S2

Fire Force S2

Japanese: 炎炎ノ消防隊 / Enen no Shouboutai
Genre: Action, Supernatural, Shounen | Studio: David Production

Summary: Shinra Kusakabe is a third generation pyrokinetic youth who gained the nickname "Devil's Footprints" for his ability to ignite his feet at will. He joins Special Fire Force Company 8 along with other pyrokinetics who dedicated themselves to ending the Infernal attacks for good. They are also tasked to investigate the other Companies for potential corruption in their ranks.

My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU TOO!

My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU TOO!

Japanese: やはり俺の青春ラブコメはまちがっている。続 / Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Comedy wa Machigatteiru. Zoku
Genre: Slice of Life, Comedy, Drama, Romance, School | Studio: feel.

Summary: Season 2 picks up immediately after the events of the last, continuing the adventures of the Volunteer Service Club: the dispassionate Hachiman Hikigaya, the cheerful Yui Yuigahama, and the competitive Yukino Yukinoshita—as they dedicate themselves to help any student with their life issues.

With the rift among his own group widening, Hachiman begins to realize that his knack for quickly getting to the root of other people's troubles is a double-edged sword: sometimes the best solution is not necessarily the most appropriate one.


The Millionaire Detective: Balance Unlimited

The Millionaire Detective: Balance Unlimited

Japanese: 富豪刑事 / Fugou Keiji: Balance Unlimited
Genre: Mystery, Comedy, Police | Studio: CloverWorks

Daisuke Kambe, the heir to a family of unlimited wealth, joins the Modern Crime Prevention Headquarters as a detective. Due to his materialistic upbringing, he solves everything using money regardless of people's feelings. This pisses off Haru Katou, his humane detective partner who values justice above all. But to solve the cases assigned to them, they must put aside each other's ideals and work together.

A Certain Scientific Railgun T S3

A Certain Scientific Railgun T S3

Japanese: とある科学の超電磁砲[レールガン]T / Toaru Kagaku no Railgun T
Genre: Action, Sci-Fi, Super Power | Studio: J.C.Staff

In the futuristic Academy City where most of the population are espers possessing unique psychic powers, electromaster Mikoto Misaka is the third strongest among the seven Level 5 espers.

The series focuses on the exploits of Mikoto and her friends; Kuroko Shirai, Kazari Uiharu, and Ruiko Saten, prior to and during the events of A Certain Magical Index.



Japanese: 天晴爛漫!
Genre: Cars, Comedy, Historical | Studio: P.A.Works

It's the 19th century and near the start of the Meiji era in Japan. Due to a wild turn of events, eccentric Japanese inventor Appare Sorano finds himself stranded in Los Angeles along with respected samurai Kosame Ishikki.

With no money or plans, they decide to participate in the "Trans-America Wild Race," which gives Appare the chance to build his dream automobile, and Kosame the opportunity to use the cash prize to return home. However, against rival racers and unknown challenges residing in the wilderness, just how far will this adventure take them?

Ahiru no Sora

Ahiru no Sora

Japanese: あひるの空
Genre: Comedy, Sports, Drama, School, Shounen | Studio: Diomedéa

Summary: Lacking what is considered the most important asset in basketball, Sora Kurumatani has struggled with his short height since he started loving the sport. Despite this handicap, his unwavering drive never allowed his small stature to dictate his ability to play, believing strongly in trying his hardest and persistently practicing to prove his capability.

He promised to his sickly mother: "I will dominate my first high school tournament". But as he joins the basketball club after entering Kuzuryū High School, he finds out that it's become a stomping ground for delinquents. But through Sora's genuine zeal for basketball, things begin to stir.

Food Wars! The Fifth Plate S5

Food Wars! The Fifth Plate S5

Japanese: 食戟のソーマ 豪ノ皿 / Shokugeki no Soma: Gou no Sara
Genre: Ecchi, School, Shounen, Cooking | Studio: J.C.Staff

Soma and friends enter into their second year. Several of the members in the Fall Classic have been promoted into the council, replacing the graduating third year batch.

Their first assignment concerns about the existence of dark chefs- those who work with criminal organizations and other VIPs. One particular group is Les Cuisiniers Noirs, a group led by Joichiro's former protege Asahi Saiba who was able to defeat him before- a feat not to be taken lightly.

Fruits Basket S2

Fruits Basket S2

Japanese: フルーツバスケット
Slice of Life, Comedy, Supernatural, Drama, Romance, Shoujo Studio: TMS/8PAN

Summary: A year has passed since Tooru Honda began living in the Souma residence, and she has since created stronger relationships with its inhabitants Shigure, Kyou, and Yuki. She has also grown closer to the rest of the Souma family and has become familiar with their ancestral secret, having helped them with many of their personal issues. The closer Tooru gets, however, the more she begins to realize that their secret holds a darker truth than she first presumed.

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