The Emerald Weapon (Normal) Guide – Final Fantasy XIV

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For today's Normal Trial, we'll be doing The Emerald Weapon at Castrum Marinum.

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The Emerald Weapon (Normal) Guide – Final Fantasy XIV



Emerald Shot – tankbuster

Emerald Beam – rotating conal AoE from both front and back of boss, with staggered expanding donut AoEs from middle to edge. The trick here is to stay in the middle/inside as much as possible

How to handle:
1.) check the direction of the rotating conal AoEs
2.) move out a bit when the 1st circle AoE drops in the middle
3.) immediately go INSIDE when the 1st AoE disappears- going further outside is a trap. You will be hit by the conal AoEs
4.) run to the direction of the rotating AoEs to avoid them

Magitek Magnetism – 3 bombs with big circle AoEs will spawn. 2 of them will be linked magnetically- if polar opposites, they will be knocked back out. If equal charges, they will move in. Look for the safe zone and run towards there

Optimized Ultima – raid-wide AoE

Sidescathe – half-arena AoE. Where it will be will depend which side of the boss is glowing

Fastblade – blue AoE will spawn and will deal knockback. Go near or use anti-KB skills

Emerald Beam

Donut AoE – hands will appear and will deal AoE outside of the boss's hitbox

Divide et Impera - 2-way attack on tank and party members

Magitek Magnetism

Pulse Laser – 3 straight line AoEs towards random players

Pulse Laser
Pulse Laser

Split – 6 orbs will spawn from the outside, will move in towards the center, and then spread once more towards the other side. They will explode after. Be wary of other mechanics while avoiding them

Magitek Magnetism

Disruption Field – transition to Phase 2


Divide et Impera – tankbuster + conal AoEs on other players

Primus Terminus Est – 3 small circle AoEs will spawn on one side + 3 players will get marked with knockback atack. Run to the edge opposite the circle AoEs. Don't clip the others and do not land on the AoEs after knockback

Secundus Terminus Est – X-line AoEs on everyone where they are. Not sure how to handle this yet- better stack together and run towards the first safe zone you see

Tetrus Terminus Est – 6 swords will drop and each sword will spawn X-line AoEs. They will drop by succession- 2 each. Avoid the first set and go there when its AoE disappears

Legio Phantasmatis – Black Wolf's Image add appears


Fire Away – soldiers will spawn on 3 sides outside the arena. They will converge onto 1 side. All 3 groups will fire consecutively. To know the safe zone of the 1st set, look for the column with lesser soldiers and go there. For the next sets, just side-step where it is safe

Fire Away


Optimized Ultima
Tetrus Terminus Est
Divide et Impera

Repeat Mechanics

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