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For today's Extreme Trial, we'll be doing Seiryu in The Wreath of Snakes (Extreme).

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Fifth Element - raid-wide AoE

Kuji-Kiri - 4 AoEs on 4 random players, giving them a water vulnerability debuff. At the same time, intersecting line AoEs will also drop. Spread and dodge accordingly

Symbols: Yin-Yang or Dragon Attack (There's no cast bar, look for the animation around boss)
  • Yin-Yang - AoE near the boss. Move away
  • Dragon - Donut AoE damage from boss. Go near him

Cursekeeper - puts barrier on main tank that explodes as AoE later, dealing damage based on how much the tank got damaged while the barrier is up. Also gives a vulnerability debuff so do a tank-swap here. OT PLD can Cover the MT

Infirm Soul
- tankbuster right after Cursekeeper. Main tank should use a cooldown here


  • 2 Red Wheels - tethers to 2 players, will do line AoE and knockback. Face them outwards to east or west, depending on where your wheel is placed
  • Blue Wheel - tethers to 1 player, dealing shareable AoE damage. Everyone stack together at the south
  • 2 Ogres - appearing first at north, they will jump at a random edge (opposite sides) and do a big circle AoE there. Dodge accordingly. Those tethered to red wheels should avoid getting knocked back to where the ogres are
  • Birds - thick line AoEs. Dodge accordingly
  • 2 Ogres Part 2 - 2 players will be tethered to one ogre each and will get conal AoE tankbusters after. Tanks intercept one tether each and going near them. Face them away from the party (north or south), and use cooldowns. Everyone else stay in the middle
  • Doro no Shiki & Numa no Shiki - small and big adds. They do raid-wide AoE upon death so kill them in the following sequence: small > big > small > big > small. The big ones also cast Stoneskin so silence them while casting
  • Dragon's Wake - ultimate attack. Top up and shield before it hits. You will then be knocked back swimming in the water outside. Get back to center land immediately while dodging the conal AoEs and 'closing-in' AoEs on the water


Summon Shiki Snake - snakes will spawn on east or west, knocking back players halfway through the arena. Do not get knocked back outside of land

Summon Shiki Golem - AoE on the half-east or half-west of the arena, depending on which hand he uses so watch out. This is alternating so just keep moving to the opposite sides

Fifth Element

Snakes + Golem - same mechanic for Snake, but Golem will attack the center of the arena while also knocking back players. Position near the center in a way that you'll be knocked back by the Golem first towards the Snakes, and the Snakes will knock you back after

Forbidden Arts - 2x straight-line shareable AoE that hits right after you get knocked back by Snakes. Make sure to have everyone stack for this


Blazing Aramitama - puts him in Super Saiyan state and mechanics will now be harder

Enhanced Symbols - he will use both in one go. Sequence depends on what 'logo' appears first so watch out for the animation e.g. if it's Yin Yang and then Dragon, move away first and then get near him

Kuji-Kiri x2 - a 2nd set of intersecting line AoEs will attack the safe zones of the 1st. Dodge the 1st set, and when the 1st set disappears, hence becoming safe zones for the 2nd set, move there

Enhanced Symbols

Fifth Element

Serpent Ascending

  • Circle AoEs on everyone. Stack and bait them in the middle
  • 4 players (tanks + healers or DPS) will be marked with circle AoE. They should position themselves in their assigned cardinal positions (N, S, E, W)
  • 4 towers appear at the intercardinal edges (NE, NW, SE, SW) where the other group of 4 must occupy one each

Enhanced Forbidden Arts - shareable line AoE that will attack each healer once while also giving a vulnerability debuff. Split the party in 2 groups: 1 tank, 1 healer, 2 DPS per group. Face each group the other way so the AoEs won't clip

Fifth Element

Enhanced Cursekeeper - he just does this twice, meaning two tankswaps. Watch out for the tankbusters

Fifth Element

Enhanced Summon Shiki

  • 2 Ogres
  • Enhanced Symbols
  • 2 Ogres Part 2
  • 2 Red Wheels (You can face them north or south. DO NOT get knocked into the water. Use anti-knockback skills)
  • Blue Wheel
  • Circle AoEs on everyone
  • Kuji-Kiri x2
  • Golem
  • Fifth Element
  • Golem x2
  • Snakes + Golem
  • Enhanced Symbols
  • Golem x3
  • Snakes + Golem
  • Enhanced Forbidden Arts
  • Fifth Element

Enhanced Cursekeeper

Fifth Element

Enhanced Symbols

Serpent Ascending

Kuji-Kiri x2

Fifth Element x4
- 4th time is ENRAGE



/p 線取り 西側MT 東側ST
/p ストスキ沈黙 1体目MT 2体目ST
/p [昇り竜散開]
/p      A
/p  MT/D1 ST/D2
/p D        B
/p  H1/D3 H2/D4
/p      C
/p [頭割り]
/p ボス左(D)側:MT/D1/D3/H1
/p ボス右(B)側: ST/D2/D4/H2


/p Ogre Tether: MT West, ST East
/p Big Add Silence: MT 1st, ST 2nd
/p Serpent Ascending:
/p      A
/p  MT/D1 ST/D2
/p D        B
/p  H1/D3 H2/D4
/p      C
/p Forbidden Arts:
/p Left of Boss (D):MT/D1/D3/H1
/p Right of Boss (B): ST/D2/D4/H2

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