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For today's Extreme Trial, we'll be doing Shinryu (Extreme).

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Final Fantasy XIV - Shinryu (Extreme) Guide


PHASE 1 (100-44%)

Auto-attack - Highest aggro and off-tank (even if not 2nd on aggro list) will constantly eat lasers

The Worm's Heart - Another target other than Shinryu that will spawn every now and then throughout the whole phase. Kill it ASAP or else it will cause huge AOE damage

Earthen Fury - Raid-wide AOE that will also take out both the mid left and mid right platforms

Burning Chains + Tidal Wave - Red chain markers on everyone. Stack together first in front of Shinryu. When the chain animation disappears, put some distance between you and your partner to remove the chains (e.g. one goes east, the other west). When the chains are gone, run towards the water animation before Tidal Wave finishes casting to avoid falling off the arena. You can use anti-knockback skills here

Tail Slam (Healer) - Green marker on random healer. Where that healer is when the marker disappears is where the tail will attack. That said, healer must move to a non-cracked platform and bait it there. The Tail will take up two platforms e.g. if marker is placed on rear west, Tail will attack both rear west AND rear middle. If a cracked platform is attacked, it will be removed. That said, the front and middle platforms must not be removed throughout the three Tail Slams in the phase AT ALL COSTS to avoid a wipe

Summon Icicle / Spikesicle - Three icicles will attack from behind in a straight line AOE. Look back after the summon cast to see the safe spots and dodge accordingly

Tail Slap - Tail will appear and attack on where it was baited. Kill it ASAP

Random Mechanic: Hypernova or Levinbolt

Hypernova - Stack in water puddle and share AOE

Levinbolt - AOE on each player. Don't stack and spread out to avoid clipping one another

The Worm's Heart

Dragon Fist - Avoid red middle AOE

Ice Storm - Raid-wide AOE. Shield and heal as necessary

Akh Morn + Akh Rhai - Akh Morn is heavy damage on main tank. MT can use invulnerability skill alone or the other tank can stack and share damage. Use cooldowns. Akh Rhai is a multiple AOE laser attack on the location of the random player it was placed on. Everyone spread out on Akh Morn to lessen Akh Rhai damage to only one person. After the first Akh Rhai laser shows, everyone avoid that area.

Summon Icicle / Spikesicle

Random Corrupted Aether Attack - Judgment Bolt or Hellfire

Judgment Bolt - Stack together to avoid paralysis and avoid standing on a water puddle

Hellfire - Stack together while standing on a water puddle

Note: Spikesicle and Corrupted Aether almost go off at the same time so you must do both mechanics fast

Tail Slam (DPS)


Tail Slap

Ice Storm

The Worm's Heart

Burning Chains (Tanks and Healers only)

Earth Breath
- One DPS and one Healer will be marked. One must go to the west side of the arena, and the other east to avoid the party in the middle getting cleaved by the straight line AOE attack

Akh Morn + 2 Akh Rhai

Ice Storm

Diamond Dust + Burning Chains (Healers only)
- Floor will be slippery, and healers must break the Burning Chains during that time. One healer can stay and one can slide to the front east or front west of the arena to break the chain, and then go back after

Reiryu - Four dragon heads with 0 HP will tether to each DPS. Healers must heal these dragons to full HP using single-target healing skills and abilities to kill them (e.g. Medica doesn't work)

Tail Slam (Tank)

Tail Slap

The Worm's Heart

Summon Icicle / Spikesicle

Akh Morn + 2 Akh Rhai

Burning Chains (DPS only) + Aerial Blast 
- Multiple knock-back attacks from the middle of the arena. Keep running back every time you are pushed. Make sure you are in the middle platform when the cast finishes. You can use anti-knockback skills here. At the same time the DPS must break the chains. They can pre-position their knockback locations (e.g. west for one DPS, east for the other) or simply just break the chains after

Earth Breath

Ice Storm

- When Shinryu flies away, check out the four corners of the arena on where he will appear. Run towards the edge farthest to him to avoid his huge and wide straight-line AOE

The Worm's Heart


Akh Morn + 2 Akh Rhai

Dark Matter
- Active Time Maneuver that will take you to the next phase


Touchdown - As you are tossed into the next arena, immediately move to the edge of the middle north to minimize damage of Touchdown, and at the same time for you to be thrown off at the next stage

Cocoon Meteor Impact 1 - Five adds will spawn, and their spawning will already case a huge AOE damage on everyone. Before Meteor Impact finishes casting, stack at the edge of the middle north area to minimize damage. Shield and heal as necessary. Main tank will take the big Hakkinryu in the middle, while the other tank takes the four small Ginryu. Avoid facing them to the edge of the middle north so their AOE attacks won't be baited there. Kill the adds ASAP

Cocoon Meteor Impact 2 - Everyone go back at the edge of the middle north and stack there for shields and heals before the next impact. Another five adds will spawn, again with their spawning already causing AOE damage. Shield and heal as necessary. This time, two Hakkinryus will spawn. Each tank will take one and any of them can tank the small Ginryus

Cocoon Meteor Impact 3 - Five players will be marked and each of them should bait the mark on the edges of the arena. After placing the mark on the edges, everyone runs to the middle to minimize damage of the impact, and also for shields and heals. This time around, there will only be five Ginryus so it should be easy

Protostar - Shinryu's ultimate attack. Go all out on shields and heals here

Tail Spit - After stacking in the middle for Protostar, move away right after as it will be where the tail will attack next. Just stay near the edge of the blue AOE to avoid getting thrown out of the arena by the attack. Once the tail is burrowed, use it as a bridge to move to the next platform. Be careful as lasers will be attacking you as you cross over. Technique here is everyone runs at the right side of the tail to bait the lasers there then slowly move to the left. Jump down when you're on the next platform

PHASE 3 (44-23%)

Positioning - There's no frontal cleave attacks so everyone can stack in front of Shinryu

Tera Slash - Severe tankbuster on main tank that always crits. Off-tank must Provoke it off the main tank while Tera Slash is casting. Main tank can use Awareness and other cooldowns

Burning Chains + Atomic Ray - Same mechanic on Burning Chains for everyone. Four DPS will be marked with a shareable AOE attack (Atomic Ray) with which they must share it with at least one tank or healer. One tank can go front left, the other on the front right. Healers can go on the rear left, the other on the rear right. The DPS can partner with one of the tanks and healers. This way, everyone can break their chains and at the same time, the DPS can pair with another player to share the Atomic Ray.

Random Mechanic: Ice Storm + Hypernova or Ice Storm + Levinbolt

Ice Storm + Hypernova - Must stay still when Ice Storm finishes casting so you will be frozen and be protected from the Hypernova attack that will follow

Ice Storm + Levinbolt - Must keep moving when Ice Storm finishes casting so you won't be frozen and be able to spread out to handle the Levinbolt attack and avoid clipping one another

Random Mechanic: Benighting Breath or Wyrm Tail

Benighting Breath - Frontal Cone AOE that gives Infirmity debuff. Dodge

Wyrm Tail - Raid-wide AOE (except Shinryu's hitbox) that gives Infirmity debuff. Go inside Shinryu's hitbox

Tera Slash


Repeat P3

PHASE 4 (23-0%)

A blue circle will appear on the floor that will let you jump on Shinryu's back. The Right Wing will start casting Hellfire, the Left Wing Judgment Bolt, and Shinryu Tidal Wave. All you need to do is kill one of the wings before it finishes casting, then the next wing, and then everyone goes down to target and kill Shinryu before he finishes casting Tidal Wave. Let any one of them finish a cast and it will cause a wipe.

That's it, good luck on your clear!



■尻尾 ヒラ:右後ろ DPS:左後ろ タンク:中央or左前ヒビ無し部分
■ダイヤモンドダスト&鎖 H1が移動
■アースブレス  ←ヒラ左  DPS右→
■雑魚フェーズ 範囲外周捨てで中央集合
│     /     \
│MT+D1  │   BOSS   | ST+D2
│     \  ▼   /
│      \___/
│H1+D3    (A)    H2+D4


■Tail Slam - Healer:rear east DPS:rear west Tank:mid or front crack-free part
■Akh Morn【Tanks share→MT invul→ST invul】
■Diamond Dust - H1 moves
■Earth Breath  ←Healer  DPS→
■Tank switch while casting Aerial Blast
■Atomic Ray positioning
│     /     \
│MT+D1  │   BOSS   | ST+D2
│     \  ▼   /
│      \___/
│H1+D3    (A)    H2+D4
Hypernova - stack at MT position /(A)marker

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