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For today's Extreme Trial, we'll be doing Titania at The Dancing Plague.

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Watch the video guide:

Watch the video guide:


Bright Sabbath - raid-wide AoE

Phantom Rune - "Can you guess which one?" Can be AoE on her or around her. Stay close or move away. Telegraph is fast so look at her animation to determine what it will be. First one will always be move away
  • Goes up and spreads her wings - move away
  • Stays on the ground with staff spinning around her - move inside
Final Fantasy XIV – Titania (Extreme) GuideFinal Fantasy XIV – Titania (Extreme) Guide

Mist Rune - "Wet, wet, wet!" Puddles will spawn on the cardinals of Titania (N S E W) and the arena corners (NE NW SE SW). Each player must stand on one upon resolve. You are given ten counts indicated as spheres in each puddle

Final Fantasy XIV – Titania (Extreme) Guide

Flame Rune - "When you play with fire..." Shareable AoE on two healers that must be taken while standing on a water puddle (a group of four stacks on Titania's left, another on her right)

Final Fantasy XIV – Titania (Extreme) Guide

Divination Rune - big frontal cone on Main Tank. Use a cooldown here

Chain of Brambles - tanks/healers will be tethered to DPS. They must run away from each other to break it. You will be damaged and get a debuff if failed to do so
  • Everyone stack at the center before the chains appear
  • When they do, tanks/healers run to the NE while DPS run to the SE
Final Fantasy XIV – Titania (Extreme) Guide

Phantom Rune (go inside)

Midsummer Night's Dream - "We're sick of this cramped old castle!" Arena change

Thunder Rune - "This will tingle a bit." A passable tether will connect to a random player. The tether will deal 6x thunder AoEs with thunder weakness (5 seconds interval for each thunder AoE) to whoever it is connected to.

The strategy here is six assigned players will eat one thunder each. The Off Tank will get the tether and position away on the side to eat the first thunder.

The next in line will get the tether and position to the same place for the next one while the previous tethered moves away. Do this until all six thunders have resolved

The usual arrangement is: ST > D1 > D2 > D3 > D4 > H1

Final Fantasy XIV – Titania (Extreme) Guide

Fae Light - conal tankbuster that deals three heavy attacks to the Main Tank and the player closest to him (Off Tank goes near him). Both tanks use cooldowns or one tank can just use his invulnerability skill

Growth Rune + Chain of Brambles - "Twist and sprout!" Same as before, but this time AoE trees will also grow on the corners. Run away to your assigned direction where there are no trees growing (tanks/healers go NW or NE, DPS go SW or SE). Break the chains quickly before the trees take over the arena's edges

Final Fantasy XIV – Titania (Extreme) Guide

Divination Rune Frost Rune + Uplift - similar to one of Shiva's attacks. Circle AoE will spawn at the center, and then multiple others around it on a counter-clockwise fashion. Stand on where the last circle AoE will spawn, and move to the first circle AoE (center) when it becomes safe ASAP. Everyone will be marked with a circle AoE afterwards so spread immediately to avoid clipping others

Final Fantasy XIV – Titania (Extreme) GuideFinal Fantasy XIV – Titania (Extreme) GuideFinal Fantasy XIV – Titania (Extreme) Guide

Phantom Rune


First Set

3 will spawn on the north, east and west of the arena.

The Main Tank gets the north, the Off Tank the west, and the rest of the party on the east

Watch out for striped line AoEs, circle AoEs on players and tankbusters

Killing order: East, North, West

Second Set

Same adds and same killing order, just bigger with more mechanics.

Watch out for the following:

Striped Line AoEs + Player Circle AoEs Shareable AoE (stack at east add to be able to continue attacking it)

WARNING! When east add dies...

Raid-wide AoE Vines + Chains + Knockback + Stripes Combo

Vines - 2 will spawn on either N+S or W+E, dealing AoE on the quadrant they're facing

Chains - at the same time, players will get chained just like in previous mechanics

Knockback from Center - a blue AoE in the center will appear and do a knockback

Striped AoEs - during knockback, prepare for striped AoE lines on the floor

How to handle:
  • Look where the vines are facing on your assigned 'chain' areas (tank/healers at north, DPS at south)
  • Proceed to your safe 'quadrant', and go near the blue knockback circle before it resolves
  • If you positions are right, the knockback will sever the chains as you are pushed to safe areas- tanks/healers will get pushed to their northern safe quadrant and the DPS to theirs, resolving the chains
  • After getting knocked back and resolving the chains, sidestep away from the striped AoEs on the floor

Final Fantasy XIV – Titania (Extreme) Guide Final Fantasy XIV – Titania (Extreme) Guide

Stack AoE + 2x Player Circle AoE - 2 players will be marked with two large AoEs while one will be marked with a stack AoE. Those with circle AoEs move away to the side, while everyone else stack on the middle

Ultimate Attack - shield and heal as necessary


Mist Rune + Phantom Rune - water puddles will appear first but don't be fooled! Handle Phantom Rune first and foremost (in or out), and then go to your assigned puddle before it reaches ten counts

Flame Rune + Growth Rune - same as before, but watch out where the trees will grow
  • If trees will spawn at N and S, stay on your usual assigned E and W spots
  • If they spawn on W and E, each group will move clockwise e.g. west group will move to north while east group will move to south

Final Fantasy XIV – Titania (Extreme) Guide

Phantom Rune

Bright Sabbath

Fae Light

Frost Rune + Uplift

Bright Sabbath

Thunder Rune

Growth Rune + Chain of Brambles

Phantom Rune x2

Bright Sabbath (Enrage)


/p 【水のルーン】/p  H1  MT  H2
/p  D1 ボス D2
/p  D3  ST  D4
/p -----------------------------------------------------
/p 【火のルーン】履行後は時計周りで処理
/p  MTH1   STH2/p  D1D3   D2D4
/p -----------------------------------------------------
/p 【ブランブルチェーン (茨)】
/p 北東:タンク,ヒラ 南西:DPS
/p 【ビリビリ、カミナリ(線)】
/p 西処理 ST→D1→D2→D3→D4→H1
/p 【雑魚】DPS:3時→MT:12時→ST:9時


/p [Water Rune]
/p  H1  MT  H2
/p   D1 BOSS D2
/p  D3  ST  D4        
/p -----------------------------------------------------
/p [Fire Rune] move CW if w/ [Growth Rune]
/p  MTH1   STH2/p  D1D3    D2D4
/p -----------------------------------------------------
/p [Chain of Brambles]
/p Tanks & healers on NW, DPS on SE
/p -----------------------------------------------------
/p [Thunder Rune] ST→D1→D2→D3→D4→H1
/p [Adds] DPS 3, MT 12, ST 9

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