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For today's story, I'd like to share a little adventure we had not too long ago when I tried cooking properly for the first time- and by that I mean cooking REAL food.

Watch the video:

As a reclusive gaming introvert, I do pride myself at least in being able to make our kind's staple food: instant ramen, instant noodles, rice using rice cooker, cooking canned and frozen goods on a fryer, all those unhealthy stuff.

Then I thought to myself- why not try some actual cooking? Other than asking my mom to teach me, I didn't know where else to go. It was good timing that I came across PACE via an event invitation, thanks to my friend Chelsea.

PACE, or Professional Academy for Culinary Education, is a training institution that aims to help aspiring and current culinary professionals to have an edge in the industry. They also assist entrepreneurs to be more effective owners.

They offer full courses for professionals, but they also have day courses where they teach beginners and those with zero knowledge the basics of cooking, from procuring ingredients up to serving the food.

We got the day course 'HAPAG: Tables of the Philippines' and learned to prepare four dishes.

Want professional guidance in cooking?

Visit their website at https://pacemanila.com for more information.

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