Eden's Verse: Fulmination (Savage) E5S Guide – Final Fantasy XIV

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For today's Savage raid, we'll be doing Eden's Verse: Fulmination or E5S.

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Judgment Volts - raid-wide AoE, orbs appear

Note: Taking an orb grants one stack of Surge Protection buff (50 secs.) that will prevent certain attacks from killing you later. You can stack up to 3 orbs. More than that, it will turn to Static Condensation debuff that will reduce the healing you receive

Stratospear Summons + Judgment Jolt - spawns 4 rods, 3 big and 1 small. Go to the small rod, edge of arena

/ Off Tank gets 3 orbs /

Executor Summons - untargetable add tethers to player with the most orbs. Have Off Tank get the most orbs- 3 in case another picks up 2. Avoid having it get too close by kiting it around. It won't affect other players so feel free to move about

Fury's Bolt - damage buff up that upgrades his attacks which will then usually require everyone to have at least 1 stack of orb. From here on out, we will attach 'BUFFED' to the upgraded versions of the attacks. Upgraded attacks usually show revolving orbs around the boss as they are cast

/ Everyone must have at least 1 orb / 
Buffed Judgment Volts

Crippling Blow - single-target tankbuster on main tank by boss

Shock Blast - single-target tankbuster on off tank by add. Add will disappear shortly afterwards

/ Tanks and DPS get 1 orb / 

Stormcloud Summons

- 4 nearest players to the boss (tanks / melee) will get marked for circle AoE around them and also give a timer debuff of Fear that needs to be removed

- 4 farthest players from the boss (healers / ranged) will get cloud markers that will drop an AoE puddle that can remove Fear debuff

Eden's Verse: Fulmination (Savage) E5S Guide – Final Fantasy XIV

How to handle:
1.) Tanks / melee position to intercardinals of boss (NW NE SW SE)
2.) Healers / ranged drop their puddles to the intercadinals' edges of the arena
3.) Tanks / melee run to their respective clouds to remove Fear debuff (must have orb buff) and then go back to the center for the upcoming knockback

Levinforce - knockback from center. Use anti-knockback skills or position yourself near the center so you won't get pushed off the edge. Note that Stormcloud AoEs are still going on so watch out where you're getting pushed

Buffed / Non-Buffed Tribunal Summons - summons 1 copy of boss and 4 adds on the north or south outside the arena. Boss copy will dash at the center with knockback, which will be followed by the 4 adds dashing a straight line from where they spawned. Look at boss to determine whether if it's the buffed version or the normal one

Eden's Verse: Fulmination (Savage) E5S Guide – Final Fantasy XIVEden's Verse: Fulmination (Savage) E5S Guide – Final Fantasy XIV
Buffed (Left), Non-buffed (Right)

How to handle:
1.) Buffed - position yourselves right beside the knockback AoE from the center (straight line on the floor) 
2.) Non-buffed - position yourselves a bit farther (dotted lines on the floor) because the knockback will be weaker and you need to be pushed to the edge

Crippling Blow

Judgment Volts

/ Everyone get 1 orb / 

Buffed Thunderstorm - random circle AoEs everywhere and circle AoEs on tanks/healers and then DPS (or vice versa) that requires 1 orb. You can use your Stormcloud positioning here

Note: Don't get hit by the random AoEs since it will remove your stack and you will die when you get hit by your personal circle AoE

Update: For melee, you can move clockwise a bit so you would have a cardinal setup if preferred

/ Off Tank gets 3 orbs /
Executor Summons

Crippling Blow

Stepped Leader - pillar AoE on everyone. Stack on boss, then when cast bar is at 3/4, run away. Don't tailgate others as you'll end up eating their AoE

Judgment Volts

/ Everyone gets 1 orb /

Fury's 14 + Stratosphere Summons + Centaur's Charge

A. Spawns 14 rods, 7 forming a horizontal line east and 7 west. Each rod will do a very big AoE

B. Summons horses on the north or south that will do a straight dash. It will cover either the entire east or west of the arena

C. Ramuh's copy will do a dash in the middle (in line with the horses) with a strong knockback that needs to be mitigated with a Duty Action to lessen the knockback amount

Eden's Verse: Fulmination (Savage) E5S Guide – Final Fantasy XIV

How to handle:
1.) Look for the side of the arena without horses (east or west)
2.) Assign each player a rod to 'knock down' on that area, exclude the Off Tank
3.) Position yourselves on the edge of Copy Ramuh's center knockback dash AoE, in a away that you'll be knocking down your assigned rod as you are pushed back
4.) Have the Off Tank go to Copy Ramuh and click the Duty Action (with cooldowns or invulnerability!) to have him mitigate the knockback intensity
5.) Off Tank runs towards the players to avoid the big AoEs behind him

Buffed Stepped Leader - donut AoE on everyone. The donuts aren't big so keeping enough distance from others is good enough. Just make sure you're standing still

Chain Lightning - healers get Electrified debuff that passes to the nearest player when timer resolves. Previous player will get System Shock and cannot get Electrified for a few secs. It needs to be passed around 8 times by H and DPS

Eden's Verse: Fulmination (Savage) E5S Guide – Final Fantasy XIV

How to handle:
1.) Divide H and DPS into 2 groups and assign positions as shown above
2.) Ranged can go near their group’s H to get their debuff
3.) Then Ranged can go near Melee to pass their debuff
4.) Afterwards, Ranged can move farther away so Melee can pass to H without moving
5.) Rinse and repeat

Crippling Blow

Judgment Volts

/ Tank gets 3 orbs, everyone else gets 1 orb /
Executor Summons + Buffed Thunderstorm + Stepped Leader

Crippling Blow

Judgment Volts

/ Everyone gets 1 orb /

Fury's 14 + Stratosphere Summons + Centaur's Charge 2

Eden's Verse: Fulmination (Savage) E5S Guide – Final Fantasy XIVEden's Verse: Fulmination (Savage) E5S Guide – Final Fantasy XIV

Note: A 2nd set of horses in the east or west and will dash after the knockback. Look for the single lane without a horse from that set and run towards the safe zone after getting pushed

Buffed Judgment Volts

/ Tanks and DPS get 1 orb / 
Stormcloud Summons


Judgment Volts

Chain Lightning

Crippling Blow

Judgment Volts

Stepped Leader

Buffed Judgment + Judgment Volts x2

Judgment Volts

Fury's 14 + Stratosphere Summons + Enrage


/p 【基本散開 雷雲・サンダーストーム】
/p   D3         D4  |
/p      MT ST        | 紫捨て:ヒラ遠隔
/p         ◎             |
/p      D1 D2       | 近接Tはナナメに走る
/p   H1          H2 | ヒラ遠隔は迂回して戻る
/p 【強化ステップ】MT:正面 ST近接:おしり 遠隔ヒラ:適度に散会
/p 【フォーティーン・チャージボルト】
/p   ◎ ST:コンテンツアクション処理
/p        MT D1 D2 D4 H1 H2 D3
/p 【チェインライトニング】
/p           MT  ST                l  D3D4が誘導
/p  ↑  D1  ◎    D2   ↑   l  左:H1→D3→D1
/p    D3                   D4  l  右:H2→D4→D2
/p  ↓  H1    H2   ↓   l  ※繰り返す


/p D3     D4
/p   MT  OT   (Lightning clouds
/p      ●      baited by ranged)
/p   D1  D2
/p H1     H2
/p -----------------------------------------
/p 【Centaur's Charge】
/p Marker: OT
/p BOSS: MT>D1>D2>D4>H1>H2>D3
/p ----------------------------------------
/p 【Chain Lightning】
/p West:H1→D3→D1→H1→…
/p East:H2→D4→D2→H2→…

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