Eden's Verse: Furor (Savage) E6S Guide – Final Fantasy XIV

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For today's Savage raid, we'll be doing Eden's Verse: Furor or E6S.

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Superstorm - raid-wide AoE

Occluded Front - orbs outside will do straight-line AoE across the arena. They can also break tethers/chains of players. In this fight, whenever you have chains or tethers, NEVER let them be broken by these line AoEs of the orbs

Storm of Fury - big circle AoE from boss at the center + tethers to all DPS that will do conal AoE towards them. Spread DPS to intercardinals and have a tank/healer stack with each. Avoid the orbs from breaking the tethers

Eden's Verse: Furor (Savage) E6S Guide – Final Fantasy XIV

Air Bump - shared AoEs to either Tanks/Healers or all DPS. Stack with your partners from previous mechanic. It will leave a puddle AoE that will explode so step away afterwards

Ferostorm - big conal AoE opposite from each other around boss. Look for the blades and then avoid

Knockback + Air Bump - knockback from the center and then Air Bump. Stack with your partner in your quadrant and decide whether to get pushed together or use anti-knockback skills

Vacuum Slice - splits the arena horizontally or vertically. Maintain quadrant positioning/pairing on intercardinals for upcoming mechanic

Occluded Front + Storm of Fury + Knockback

Combination of previous mechanics where there's a big floor AoE at the mid, and DPS will be attacked with conal AoE. You will then be pushed inwards along with AoE orbs towards the straight-line AoE in the middle. Position carefully

Eden's Verse: Furor (Savage) E6S Guide – Final Fantasy XIV
Sample: 3 orbs on left, 4 orbs on right

To handle:
1.) Bait conal AoE on intercardinals
1.) Check orb pattern, adjust position and make sure pairs won't stack near another pair
2.) If 3 orbs (left of photo) - pairs stand between orbs on the edge
3.) If 4 orbs (right of photo) - pairs stand on the outer edge



Touchdown - proximity AoE from north. Don't stay too close

Tankbuster Combo

1.) Hands of Flame - tether to MT. Ifrit will rush to him dealing light damage + concussion debuff + big AoE on floor. Tankswap while this is being cast

2.) Instant Incineration - tankbuster. Tank without debuff must be the one to take this with cooldowns. Bait it away from the party to the edge

3.) Meteor Strike - AoE on where the new tank was. He must move away when this is cast

Inferno Howl - raid-wide AoE

Hands of Hell - gives 4 tethers to a player that must be shared by 3 others. Ifrit copies will charge to those tethered and spawn a big circle AoE on them

Eden's Verse: Furor (Savage) E6S Guide – Final Fantasy XIVEden's Verse: Furor (Savage) E6S Guide – Final Fantasy XIV

To handle:
1.) For this first one, a healer will have the 4 tethers
2.) Other healer and tanks share the tethers
3.) T/H spread north while DPS stay safe at south

Note: In the next iterations of Hands of Hell, different players would be assigned to handle the tethers (e.g. T & H, all DPS, etc.) so watch out

Strike Spark

1.) AoE orbs and 4 Ifrit clones will appear. Clones will kick the orb below them in the direction they are facing

2.) Big AoE puddles on everyone. Stack and bait them in the middle first

3.) Run to the one safe spot where there will be no orb after the kick

Hands of Hell 2 - this time, 4 tethers are to be shared by all DPS to the south

Tankbuster Combo


Hated of the Vortex/Embers - color debuffs on the nearest T/H/2DPS of each of the bosses that prevents you from damaging the other boss. Split party into team Garuda and team Ifrit and be near your assigned boss as this is cast. OT gets Ifrit for immunity on tankbuster

Occluded Front
Tankbuster Combo

Vacuum Slice - everyone stay together on one intercardinal

Occluded Front + Strike Spark + Knockback

A combination of previous mechanics of both.

1.) Bait ground AoEs in the middle near the straight-line AoE first
2.) Look where Ifrit will kick the orb
3.) Run towards the safe spot on the edge before getting pushed



Firestorm - raid-wide AoE

Hands of Hell 3 - tanks and healers share the tethers. Spread north as usual. The charge will form huge AoEs after- run to the safe zone under the original position of the boss

Note: spread far enough that your groud AoEs won't overlap with the safe zone under the boss

Hands of Hell 4 - DPS share the tethers at south. Same as the previous- safe spot is under boss

Inferno Howl

Air Bump + Ferostorm

Strike Spark + Tankbuster Combo


Conflag Strike Combo

1.) AoE under the entire arena, with a small safe spot on the east and west
2.) T+H and DPS+DPS will be chained in pairs. Do not stray far away from your partner
3.) Tornadoes will appear in N and S that spew out huge conal AoE on their closest player
4.) Orbs will appear that will do straight-line AoEs. Do not let them intersect/break your chains
5.) Air Bump + Donut Attack - same as Air Bump, but with very minimal space to spread in the middle. Stack with your Chain partner at the edge of the safe zone.

Eden's Verse: Furor (Savage) E6S Guide – Final Fantasy XIVEden's Verse: Furor (Savage) E6S Guide – Final Fantasy XIVEden's Verse: Furor (Savage) E6S Guide – Final Fantasy XIV

To handle:
1.) Floor AoE: T/H on left safe spot, DPS on right (photo 1)
2.) Chain: Spread a bit to check your chain/partner
3.) Tornado: MT+H go north and OT+H go south to bait their tornadoes (photo 2)
4.) 1 DPS pair on left of boss, the other pair on the right
5.) Air Bump + Donut: Converge in the safe spot in the middle with your partner. Avoid overlapping (photo 3)

Conflag Strike - 270-degree frontal attack. Run behind boss ASAP!

Occulded Front + Air Bump + Storm of Fury

Inferno Howl

Hands of Hell + Orbs - tanks and healers share the tether, and point them on their intercardinal positions while avoiding the straight-line AoEs of the orbs, and far enough so the ground AoE will not overlap with the safe area

Hands of Hell + Air Bump - same as 5, but while DPS will share the tethers, they will also be marked with Air Bump, with which T and H would need to pair with them

Hands of Flame

Ferostorm x2


Conflag Strike + Enrage


/p ■Stack Pair  ※Anti-Knockback
/p    MTD3  STD4
/p    H1D1  H2D2
/p ■2 Bosses Phase: All in North West
/p ■Tether Order ※Ifrit Phase: TH take tether, then DPS
/p    1st Tether: MTSTH1H2   -> North/East
/p    2nd Tether: D1D2D3D4   -> South/West
/p ■Conflag Strike
/p    Preposition: TH→West、DPS→East
/p    Tornado:MT→North、ST→South
/p ☆Post-Tornado Pair  ※Base on Chain Pair
/p    MTH  D1D4
/p    STH  D2D3

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