Memoria Misera (Extreme) Guide – Final Fantasy XIV

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For today's Extreme Trial, we'll be doing Memoria Misera.

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- raid-wide AoE
- spawns X marks on where players are standing/facing upon cast
- bait X marks behind boss. MT can stay north side. This way, line of fire will be straight to the north and south

Alea Iacta Est + Terminus Est

Alea Iacta Est
- 4x 180° frontal, and then 1x 180° behind

Terminus Est
- straight-line AoEs from where X Marks are facing

How to handle:
- stack south to bait boss and his Alea Iacta Est
- when he starts casting Alea, go to north (behind him) to dodge his frontal attack
- after his 4x attacks, run to the SE or SW to avoid both his upcoming rear attack AND the X Marks


- tankbuster. Should be shared by both tanks with cooldowns

Ignis Est (Orange X)
- targets random healer or DPS with straight-line AoE marker
- bait marker directly to south
- after cast, split into 2 parties and go outside the arena's inner circle
- MT team stack on outer west
- ST team stack on outer east
- AoE around boss (inner circle) + straight-line AoE on south (where it was baited)

Festina Lente
- shareable AoE on both healers
- stay where you are since you're already in position to share damage

Electrified Gunshield Set
- upcoming knockback from boss when bar charges to 100
- ready to run to mid or prepare anti-knockback skills

Altius (X Marks)

Ignis Est (Inner Circle AoE- bait to south)
- after explosion inside inner circle, run to mid or use anti-knockback skills to avoid getting pushed to the edge


Reinforced Gunshield Set
- shields will form around N+S or E+W of boss when bar charges to 100
- attack sides with no shields

Citius (tankbuster)

Shields Up!

Loaded Gunshield Set
- AoE on ever player
- prepare to spread to assigned clock positions

Ventus Est (Green X)
- line AoE marker on random player, bait to south
- upcoming line AoE + AoE outside arena's inner circle

AoE on Everyone- Spread!

Vivere Militare Est
- Active Time Maneuver
- 2 Blade's Pulse spawn which both tanks need to take
- both tanks will be heavily damaged- heal accordingly
- DPS Bladesblood and kill it ASAP


The 3 Gunshield Sets will be used in a random order, but this time with added mechanics

Electrified Gunshield Set 2
- 3x Magitek Turrents spawn than must be killed
- both tanks get 2 tethers that spawn
- X Marks spawn at north. Go to lane with no X Mark
- knockback after X Mark attack
- Alea Iacta Est (180° frontal + rear)

Loaded Gunshield Set 2
- Ignis Est (Inner Circle AoE- bait to south)
- X Marks spawn at north

- spread to assigned clock positions
- AoE on Everyone- Spread!
- go to safe spot of X marks

- Festina Lente (shareable AoEs)
- MT team stack north side of safe lane
- ST team stack south side of safe lane

- Citius (tankbuster)

Reinforced Gunshield Set 2
- Altius (X Marks - bait to south)
- Ventus Est (AoE outside inner circle - bait to south)
- Shields Up!
- AoE outside inner circle
- Citius (tankbuster)

- boss teleports to north and starts casting
- DPS Gunshield and kill it before it enrages
- Magitek Spark: narrow conal AoE on all players. Spread out to your clock phases
- Magitek Torch: heavy shareable straight-line AoE. Stack to soak damage


Loaded Gunshield Set 3

- 4x rotating conal AoE on all players, can be CW or CCW after 1st set
- drops big puddle on everyone after 1st attack

- before it casts, run to the edges of your clock phases to bait the puddles
- side-step accordingly. Just go to where there was an AoE previously- that will be your safe spot

- AoE on Everyone- Spread!
- Festina Lente (shareable AoEs)

Citius (tankbuster)

Electrified Gunshield Set 3
- knockback
- X Marks on north

- Fortius (AoE cone on everyone- spread to clock position edge)
- run to safe lane
- knockback!

- Altius (X Marks- bait behind boss)
- X Marks on north
- Festina Lente (shareable AoEs), stack on safe lane
- Ventus Est (AoE outside- bait to south)
- Alea Iacta Est (180° frontal + rear) + Ventus Est (out) + X Marks
- Citius (tankbuster)

Ignis Est (Inner Circle AoE- bait behind boss)

Alea Iacta Est (180° frontal + rear)

Ignis Est

REPEAT Loaded Gunshield P3

Altius Enrage


Because all the skills and abilities of Varis is in Latin, the fight gets pretty confusing especially when learning the fight for the first time. Here's a summary of his skills that might help:

Altius - raid-wide AoE + X Marks on everyone

Alea Iacta Est - 180° frontal + rear

Citius - tankbuster shared by both tanks

Ignist Est (Orange) - AoE line marker (bait to south), AoE inside inner circle (get out)
Ventus Est (Green) - AoE line marker (bait to south), AoE outside inner circle (get in)

Festina Lente - shareable AoEs on healers (E/W or N/S of safe lane if with north X marks)

Electrified Gunshield - knockback on 100
Reinforced Gunshield - N/S or E/W shields on 100
Loaded Gunshield - AoE on everyone on 100, spread to clock phases

Fortius - AoE cone + puddle on everyone- spread to clock position edge then sidestep


/p  【基本散開図】
/p  D3 MT D4
/p  D1  □  D2
/p  H1  ST  H2
/p  【アルティウス】
/p  ボス背面に集合
/p   【頭割り】
/p  北、西:MTH1D1D3
/p  南、東:STH2D2D4
/p  【タレット線取り】
/p  北西:MT  南東:ST
/p  【魔導スパーク散開】
/p  D3 H1      H2 D4
/p       D1 MT ST D2
/p 「フォルテウス」:基本散開図通りに8方向へ散開


/p ※Standard Spread
/p        MT    ¦  D3         D4
/p   D3  D4   ¦    MT
/p  D1 ボス D2   ¦  D1 ボス D2
/p   H1  H2   ¦    ST
/p         ST       ¦  H1        H2
/p ----------------------------------------------
/p ※AoE Share MT D1    ¦     ST D2
/p                        D3 H1    ¦     D4 H2
/p ----------------------------------------------
/p ※Spark
/p   D3 H1      H2 D4
/p        D1 MT ST D2

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