Eden's Promise: Anamorphosis (Normal) E11 Guide – Final Fantasy XIV

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For today's Normal Raid, we'll be doing Eden's Promise.

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Eden's Promise: Anamorphosis (Normal) E11 Guide – Final Fantasy XIV


Burnt Strike – straight-line AoE + elemental attack afterwards. Watch out if there's Lightning or Fire around him as he casts

1.) Fire – knockback after line AoE. Move to center. Main tank could have cirlcle AoE around him at the same time so watch out
2.) Lightning – line AoE will expand so move away

Bound of Faith – attack will also depend if it's Lightning or Fire

1.) Fire – shareable AoE so everyone stack together
2.) Lightning – tether to random player. He must move to the edge to avoid getting Bleed debuff. If you get the debuff, heal constantly

Burnished Glory – raidwide AoE

Powder Mark – tankbuster

Burnt Strike
Burnished Glory
Bound of Faith

Turn of the Heavens – yet another attack that will depend on the animation as he casts. Fire and Lightning circle AoEs will spawn on the arena

1.) Fire – big fire AoEs. Go between the Lightning/blue AoEs
2.) Lightning – big lightning AoEs. Go between the Fire/red AoEs

Burnished Glory

Shifting Sky Combo

1.) Knockback – a snake will drop and do knockback from the center
2.) Conal AoE – the snake will do a 270-degree wide AoE so run as fast as you can to get behind it
3.) Burnt Strike (Lightning) – move away from the first line Aoe
4.) Burnt Strike (Fire) – go near the second line AoE

Burnished Glory

Burnt Strike (Gold) – a new type. Players will drop AoE circles after the line AoE. Just step away

Burnished Glory

Bound of Faith (Gold) – circle AoE on one random player. After a few seconds, he will explode with a proximity-based AoE so everyone stay away from him

Prismatic Deception – 3 clones will spawn then fly away and the arena will be fogged

Blasting Zone – when this starts casting, survey the edges of the arena to reveal where the 3 clones are casting. Position yourselves to the edge of the 1st or 3rd clone to avoid the massive straight-line AoEs

Burnished Glory
Powder Mark
Turn of the Heavens + Burn Mark
Burnt Strike (Gold)
Burnt Strike (Lightning or Fire)
Burnished Glory
Repeat Mechanics

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