The Emerald Weapon (Extreme) Guide – Final Fantasy XIV

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For today's Extreme Trial, we'll be doing The Emerald Weapon at Castrum Marinum.

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Emerald Shot - tankbuster

Optimized Ultima - raidwide AoE

Aetheroplasm Production - 8 Blue and Yellow orbs will spawn at the cardinal and intercardinal edges of the arena

Two ways to handle this:

1.) 4:4 Strategy – assign 4 players to pop the east orb, and the other 4 at the west. Both teams will then move clockwise or counter-clockwise to pop the others. The direction will depend on where the different-colored orb is e.g. if a team pops yellow, and there is yellow clockwise and blue counter-clockwise, they must move to blue and then onwards

The Emerald Weapon (Extreme) Guide – Final Fantasy XIV

2.) 2:2:2:2 Strategy – form 4 teams of 2 players and assign each team a cardinal (N S E W). They will pop the orbs there and then move clockwise or CC to pop the orbs there. Others with low HP or no mitigation can detour to the middle for AoE heals before popping the 2nd orb

The Emerald Weapon (Extreme) Guide – Final Fantasy XIV

Emerald Beam – rotating conal AoE from both front and back of boss + consecutively expanding donut AoEs from middle to edge. The trick here is to stay in the middle/inside as much as possible while running to the direction of the rotation

How to handle:

1.) check the direction of the rotating conal AoEs
2.) move out a bit when the 1st circle AoE drops in the middle
3.) immediately go INSIDE when the 1st AoE disappears- going further outside is a trap. You will be hit by the conal AoEs
4.) run to the direction of the rotating AoEs to avoid them

Magitek Magnetism 1 – 3 bombs with big circle AoEs will spawn. 2 of them will be linked magnetically

  • the charges will be the same and they will be knocked back out
  • both tanks will also be marked with proximity AoE
  • position as follows:

The Emerald Weapon (Extreme) Guide – Final Fantasy XIV

Magitek Magnetism 2 - 5 bombs will spawn. 2 pairs will be linked magnetically while 1 will just stay where it is. By looking at their magnetic charges, you will be able to determine the safe zone. Go to the bombs with the same charge

Emerald Beam

Optimized Ultima

Hands Out - donut AoE. whenever his 6 hands are out, make sure you are inside his hitbox to avoid getting hit

Divide et Impera - shared tankbuster + AoE on everyone else. Tanks stack while the others spread. You can assign clock phases here

The Emerald Weapon (Extreme) Guide – Final Fantasy XIV

Split - boss will split into two and the next attack will depend if it's the lower or upper half

1.) Upper Half

  • Sidescathe - half-arena AoE on the boss's glowing side + red circle knockback AoE

2.) Lower Half

  • Expire - big circle AoE around boss + a red circle AoE will spawn in one side, and will get big before it explodes. Move to the other side of the arena

Hands In - opposite of Hands Out, similar to Expire but with no cast bar. Whenever his hands retract, move outside

Magitek Magnetism 2 + Pulse Laser - same Magitek Magnetism as before, with added 2x straight-line AoE from boss on 2 random players

Optimized Ultima

Full-power Optimized Ultima - enrage

Disruption Field - transition to next phase


Divide et Impera

Primus Terminus Est - everyone except tanks will be marked with a knockback arrow. They will be knocked back at the direction of the arrow assigned to them, along with a straight-line AoE.

  • stand on the edge opposite of your arrow
  • make sure there isn't anyone in you're line of sight when you get pushed so you won't damage or clip others

Tertius Terminus Est - 3 sets of 2 swords that will drop and do thick X-line AoEs. Watch out where each set will drop and position accordingly. You can go near the 3rd set and move to the 1st after it pops. It's usually in then out or vice versa

Legio Phantasmatis - Black Wolf's Image add will appear

Airstrike - warmachinas will spawn in one side of the arena. They will fire in the order of the number shown above them. Wait for AoEs to disappear on the 1st set then move towards there

Magitek Cannon - an arrow and X mark will appear on the ground and do knockback. Position on the X mark to minimize knockback and avoid getting pushed to the insta-kill edges

Optimized Ultima

Divide Et Impera

Tetrius Terminus Est + Split

  • Sidescathe + Knockback + Swords
  • or Expire + Red AoE + Swords

Legio Phantasmatis

Full Rank - imperial forces will spawn on 3 sides of the arena. Move towards the side where there's none

  • soldiers will converge on that empty side
  • safe zone is the row of firing soldiers where there's none
  • they will fire 3 times, so keep moving to the safe zones
  • also watch out for the Airstrike simultaneously happening on your side

Secundus Terminus Est - 6 random players will be marked and drop X or + AoEs

  • drop + AoEs on corners / intercardinals (NE NW SE SW)
  • drop X AoEs on cardinals (N S E W)
  • one player per clockphase to avoid clipping
  • better to assign roles on certain corners for optimization
  • move to center after dropping the AoEs
The Emerald Weapon (Extreme) Guide – Final Fantasy XIV

Tertius Terminus Est + Split

Primus Terminus Est
Divide et Impera

Full-power Optimized Ultima - enrage



/p 【2:2:2:2 玉の散開】【ディヴィデ・エト・エンペラ】
/p        D3 MT           (T:頭割)
/p    D1 H1 ■ H2 D2          H1  ■  H2
/p        D4 ST            D1 D3 D4 D2|
/p   【2個目の玉の処理方法】
/p  1個目爆破後、時計回りに動き爆破
/p  ※移動先が同色の時、移動先の対角の玉を爆破
/p  【マグネット(距離減衰散開)】
/p  MT:北/西  ST:南/東
/p  【青矢印】
/p  ※四隅を避けて配置
/p  【ターミナス・エスト・ドゥオ】
/p  X字:外周4辺の中央付近 十字:四隅付近


/p 【2:2:2:2 Balls】     【Divide et Impera】
/p        D3 MT         (Tanks)
/p    D1 H1 ■ H2 D2      H1  ■  H2
/p        D4 ST        D1 D3 D4 D2|
/p  On 2nd ball, move clockwise. If same color, counter-clockwise
/p  【Magitek Magnetism 1】
/p  MT: NW | ST: NE | Everyone: South
/p  【Blue Knockback Arrow】
/p  Avoid the middle!
/p  【Secundus Terminus Est】
/p  X mark: Cardinals | + mark: Intercardinals

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